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Reasons You Should Journal
Aug 16/16

Reasons You Should Journal Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 1 Comment

Journaling. Writers and non-writers alike do it, but why? Is it just a rehashing of what you did that day, or is there something more to it, something that makes it worthwhile?

While there are just as many reasons to journal as there are people who journal, here are a few of our favorite reasons that (hopefully) may just inspire you to pick up your pen, find a comfortable chair in a quiet corner, and give it a try.

To Remember
Journaling is a way of remembering, a way of seeing on the page how your life is unfolding. Reading your journal is a way to go back and see where, and who, you were at a particular point in your life. But what’s interesting is discovering the exact details that stood out to you, why you recorded that particular snippet of conversation. Patterns begin emerging that tell you far more about yourself than the actual experience itself.

To Explore
W.H. Auden wrote, “How do I know what I think until I see what I say?” Journaling allows a space for exploring what you think about something or someone, unencumbered by outside judgment or criticism. And many people find that the more they journal, the more their opinions change and evolve.

To Create
Journaling is basically a creative endeavor, even if we are just whining on the page or writing about the humdrum day we had. But every once in a while the stars will align and our journaling enters the world of creation, where new ideas, characters, art is born. As writer Susan Sontag wrote, “In the journal I do not just express myself more openly than I could to any person; I create myself.”

We'd love to hear from you. Do you journal? Why or why not?

By Paula Martin
Paula Martin was born and raised in Arkansas and received her MFA in Creative Writing at the University of New Orleans. She is a writer, teacher, mom, barefoot trail runner, martial artist, and free-thinker always packed and ready for the next adventure. 



Jeff jones on August 16 2016 at 05:59PM

So true journaling is the way to go. The pens are beautiful


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