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Rules for a Southern Nickname
Jan 26/17

Rules for a Southern Nickname Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 1 Comment


We’ve come across a really great site called Stuff Southern People Like.

And it nails it on the head, y’all. It’s got articles about funeral food, pecan pie, caramel cake and un-happy camping, but our favorite article would have to be this one on Southern Nicknames. And most especially this section on the rules for using pet names like “honey,” “dear,” “love,” and “sweetheart” — conveniently acronym-ed HDLS.

1. Never call anyone who’s clearly your elder “HDLS.”
2. Never call the person who’s serving you (waitress, hair dresser, etc) “HDLS.”
3. Men under 60: Never call anyone you aren’t romantically involved with and/or related to “HLDS.”
4. Do not get uppity when an elderly person calls you “HDLS.”

Which brings us to my biggest nickname pet peeve: “Mama” and “Daddy.”
I have no problem with children using these names however they see fit. Also, I think it’s perfectly acceptable when talking to one’s children to refer to one’s spouse as “Mama” or “Daddy.” Example: “Go ask Daddy to wash the dog; she’s been rolling in dead stuff again.” But for the love of all that is holy, please DO NOT call your spouse or anyone you’re romantically linked to “Mama” or “Daddy.” It’s just plain creepy.

 Yes, yes and yes. We agree. All of it. And what’s the funniest southern-style nickname you’ve ever heard bestowed on a family member?


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Jeannette on September 25 2016 at 09:13PM

My dad was born and raised in the southern mountain of Athens Tenn where my great grandma and grandpa owned a large portion of this area but sadly now is filled with houses galore. Anyways my dads nickname was Sonnyboy. Mine is Jeannettie , I was born in Albany Georgia. Later shortened to Nettie.


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