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Sixteen Things All Southerners Know By Heart
Sep 19/16

Sixteen Things All Southerners Know By Heart Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

Life in the South is a bit different than the Coasts or Midwest.  Our traditions are long and firm handed down to each generation.  We cherish our families, our food, and our pace.  From our manners to our accent to our team spirit here are some things that Southerners recognize: 

  1. A half inch of snow can shutdown an entire state.
  2. When you order a Coke, you expect to be asked “what kind?” 
  3. You don’t own a remote control, but you do own a “clicker”. 
  4. 90 Degrees is a nice summer day. 
  5. The grocery store doesn’t have shopping carts, you grab a buggy. 
  6. Growing up, when it was your turn to say Grace, you were nervous
  7. Everything that went into your mouth was made with butter
  8. I’ve seen school let out because it was starting to rain hard. 
  9. College rivalries are a form of religion.  You are for one team or another regardless of where you attended college. 
  10. BBQ isn’t a cookout, it’s juicy slow-cooked meat smothered in sauce.
  11. You’ve spent more than one summer night catching lighting bugs and putting them in a mason jar. 
  12. Every time the temperature dipped below 60 degrees you went to the closet for your heavy sweaters and jacket. 
  13. You still feel it is proper to dress up when you are going to the Doctor or taking a flight.
  14. You still love the soothing sound of raindrops on a tin roof. 
  15. You know that sororities and fraternities mean something completely different in the Deep South than anywhere else in the country.
  16. You know that no matter where you are in the world, if you run into a Southerner, you’ve found a true friend.



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