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Southern Stories
Jul 12/13

Taking a Shot at Bourbon-Spiked Ice Cream Posted by: Dan | 0 Comments

As you might have surmised from the name of our site, we have a soft spot for bourbon. We’re pretty sure it goes with everything from drinks to dessert. We bake with it. We decorate with it.
We write it on the wall.

Now, we know it’s hot. And a bourbon on the rocks would surely hit the spot right about now, but we have another boozy idea on our minds: Bourbon-spiked ice cream. If you’d like to get something that cool in your hot little hands, we’ve churned up the best ways to do that — whether it’s through a local shop or your home-based hand crank apparatus.

Or just indulge in these pretty pictures. We won’t judge. We’re here to support your habits either way.


1. For the buyer: Garden and Gun has made a list of ice cream with Southern soul, and man does it look beautiful. There’s Bourbon Burnt Sugar in Atlanta and a whiskey and pecan flavored dessert in Mississippi. Our hearts are melting.


2. Bourbon sounds just peachy: Spiked peach cobbler ice cream with Texas bourbon caramel sauce. Need we say more? Ok, how about this: It has a recipe. You’re gonna want to click that.


3. Ever heard of a cherry bounce? Southern Living riffs on that theme with this cherry-bourbon ice cream recipe.


4. Bourbon and crackers? The salty-sweet combination of brownies, bourbon ice cream and — surprise! — Saltine crackers looks pretty promising.


5. Bring on the bacon: From the “Everything Tastes Better With Bacon” department, here’s one for Maple Bourbon Ice Cream with Candied Bacon.



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