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Jan 27/17

Texas is the Lone Stable State for Medieval Times Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

Have you been to Medieval Times? That grand, dinner theater experience with a main event of knights, wenches, princesses, battles, ale and beer as you chow down on large hunks of meat? It’s campy. It’s chivalrous. It’s a rite of passage.

Turns out, a ranch in Texas is solely responsible for breeding the gorgeous Andalusian horses fit for the kings and queens of Medieval Times. “More than 440 foals have been born there since 1992,” according to a story in Texas Monthly, and “a healthy purebred is worth around $40,000 at birth … and its value can increase to more than $100,000 after it receives years of dressage training.”

These beautiful specimens are currently used for the procession and dressage parts of the performance, while quarter horses are reserved for the sword fights.

Texas Monthly has the story on the pampered lives this beloved Spanish horse breed. A visit to the Dallas stable revealed the horses have more elaborate hairdos than the princesses. Click through for a slideshow of proof and pretty pony pictures.



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