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The Best College Traditions
Jan 26/17

The Best College Traditions Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

Dooley Day, Emory University: The unofficial mascot of Emory University, James W. Dooley is a skeleton from the biology department. For one week every spring, “the spirit of Emory” is celebrated through fun activities, and if students are lucky, Dooley will even cancel classes.

Krispy Kreme Run, North Carolina State: Held every spring, the Krispy Kreme run is an excuse for NC State students to dress up and have a heck of a lot of fun. A 2.5 mile run to the closest Krispy Kreme, students must consume a dozen box of donuts and then run the 2.5 miles back to campus.

Little 500, Indiana University: Based off of the famed Indi 500, this student led version requires students, on bikes to complete 200 laps (50 miles.) Held every spring, the Little 500 draws upwards of 25,000 fans and is a social event in Bloomington!

Pumpkin Drop, MIT: While we can’t prove it, we feel somewhat certain that this tradition started as some sort of science experiment. Like maybe someone was trying to calculate velocity or gravity? Anyways, the annual pumpkin drop occurs every Halloween in Cambridge, as pumpkins rain from MIT’s tallest buildings.  

Streaking the Lawn, University of Virginia: University of Virginia is certainly not the only school to have a naked run. In fact, a lot of schools have them, whether organized or just made up of a few brave students. What makes UVA unique is the mid run kiss. Students strip down and run to the length of the lawn (740 feet) to the  Homer statue  kiss the statue, typically right on his rear, before running back.  

What other Colleges have unique traditions?
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