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The Most Expensive Cheeses in The World and The Prices to Match
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The Most Expensive Cheeses in The World and The Prices to Match

The Most Expensive Cheeses in The World and The Prices to Match
Aug 01/18

The Most Expensive Cheeses in The World and The Prices to Match Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

A lot of people consider themselves cheese lovers - and if you're an aficionado yourself, you know your meals aren't complete with actual good cheese. After all, some of the best meals  in the world fit only with the best selection of cheese. However, if you want to give yourself a challenge and prove your love for cheese, you ought to try the most expensive cheeses in the world and the prices to match.

The Most Expensive Cheeses: What Are They?

It's important to see that cheese isn't simply something you add in meals.

It's actually a juggernaut of an industry with some of the most complex variations. Places like Cheese Curds by Pure Dairy provide a variety to choose from. In speaking of expensive cheeses, here are some of them:




  • Lord of the Hundreds cost $20 per pound. This cheese hails from East Sussex in England, where it's made from milk from local sheep. It's very similar to cheeses made from sheep's milk, where it's sharp and slightly dry. However, what perhaps makes it stand out is its nutty flavor.
  • Winnimere cost $30 per pound. This cheese hails from the state of Vermont, and is known to be soft, gooey, and creamy. Tradition dictates this cheese can only be made whenever there's winter, which means stocks in stores can easily run out shortly before Christmas. Its soft texture makes it a perfect snack or something to pair with biscuits.
  • Rogue River Blue costs $40 per pound. It originally comes from Oregon and is credited to a person named Tom Vella, who first created this cheese type. In fact, he sold it in a creamery in South Oregon that was opened during the Great Depression in the 1920's. The cheese in itself has a firm texture, and it has both fruity and hazelnut flavors. It will definitely be one of the best Blue Cheese you'll ever have.
  • Jersey Blue cost $45 per pound. This cheese was originally made in Switzerland by Willi Schmid, and despite its American-sounding name it has an authentic Swiss flavor to it. Interestingly, this award-winning cheese was named after a cow breed, whose milk this cheese uses. The cheese in itself seemed so artistic that some wouldn't question why it won two awards.
  • Caciocavallo Podolico cost $50 per pound. This cheese, also popularly known as Horse Cheese, is extremely popular in Italy's southern regions. It's not made from horse's milk, though. Its milk actually comes from a Podolica, a rare Italian breed of cow. What makes it unique is that it's a cheese in shape of a pear, which makes it quite a delightful sight to a lot of people indeed.
  • Old Ford is $50 per pound, and makes its way to stores all the way from England. This firm cheese is actually handmade and pressed to perfection. A lot of people love its buttery, salty, and savory flavor, which makes it a delectable selection for cheese lovers.
  • Extra Old Bitto cost $150 for every pound.If you want to get a taste of this cheese, you better be prepared to go to China. This cheese is extremely noted to be aged for up to a decade. No one knows who made this first, though, only that it's first made and imported from Hong Kong in 1997.
  • Wyke Farms Cheddar cost $200 for every pound. This extremely expensive cheese is known to be best paired with sandwiches, and can be extremely suitable for beers and wines. It's one of the most traditional cheese known to man, and was first made by the family that owns the Wyke Farms in Great Britain.
  • White Stilton Gold cost $420 for every pound. It's actually the cousin to Britain's blue cheese but this is known to be deliciously tangy and extra creamy. The cheese in particular is often made with flavors such as apricots, ginger, and lemons.
  • Pule cost $600 for every pound. This behemoth of a cheese comes from a Balkan donkey, which can be found in Siberia. It's not just perhaps the most expensive cheese to ever exist, but it's also one of the rarest cheeses to ever exist. It actually takes 25 liters of milk from the donkey to make a kilo of the cheese.

The Bottomline: The Best Cheese For The Best Price

If you're a cheese fan, you're likely aware of the various cheeses as indicated above. However, it's important to understand that the "true" mark of excellence in terms of being a cheese enthusiast is to know when to buy such cheeses, as not all cheese are built for single consumption. As evidenced above, some work best with wine, some work best with food, and some even work best when eaten solo. Knowing this, and knowing which cheese to eat for certain situations, can elevate your experience with these most expensive cheeses in the world and the prices to match.





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