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Jan 27/17

The Sheep Who Wouldn’t Be Sheared Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

Will a sheep’s wool grow forever? It would seem it does.

Modern Farmer has the story of a sheep named Shrek who “really, really didn’t like getting his hair cut.”

He would hide in a cave near his New Zealand home when the scissors came around, and managed to avoid a shearing for six years.

When he was finally found in 2004, “He looked like some biblical creature,” John Perriam told the BBC. Or, to quote a member of Modern Farmer‘s editorial team, “Someone help that sheep, he is being eaten by some kind of dirty monster.”

When Shrek was eventually sheared (because man always triumphs over sheep), there was enough wool to produce 20 men’s suits. Just an abnormal, excessive, downright insane amount of wool. Which led us to some basic questions: If a sheep is left unshorn, will its wool grow forever? Is that healthy? Is this a glitch in the (wooly) fabric of evolution?

 Read the interview with Modern Farmer to determine how this happens. Will a sheep’s wool just keep growing forever if it’s not sheared by man?




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