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The Story of Cooter Brown
Aug 30/16

The Story of Cooter Brown Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 1 Comment


Ever heard the Southern saying, “Drunk as Cooter Brown”? Always up for a good story, we decided to find out who old Cooter was (he had to be upwards of 150 years old, afterall), and why, exactly he was drunk.

As a graduate student in New Orleans in the 90’s, we spent many a night at Cooter Brown’s Tavern uptown on Carrolton. So, we figured we would go straight to the source. A phone call later, we had the answer.

The story goes that when the Civil War broke out, Cooter lived smack-dab in the middle of the Mason-Dixon line. He had family on both sides, so he didn’t want to be drafted by either the Union or the Confederates. So he did the only thing he knew would keep him out of fighting-- he got drunk, and stayed drunk, the whole war.

Did it work? Legend has it it did. Not to say that his liver held up; we don’t know how old Cooter died. But this much is for sure: he died without having to fight his kin. And to us, that is victory in and of itself.


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Lee sherman on September 03 2016 at 08:11PM

I have heard that saying my entire life. I’m pleased to hear a credible story that gives credence to the legion. Thank you.


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