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Thelma & Louise Stories: The Wind In Our Hair
Southern Stories

Thelma & Louise Stories: The Wind In Our Hair

Thelma & Louise Stories: The Wind In Our Hair
Jan 26/17

Thelma & Louise Stories: The Wind In Our Hair Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 1 Comment

Each week we're sharing a Thelma & Louise-inspired story of bad-ass best friends. All stories are inspired by real events and memories.


"Come on, girl, wake up. We've got to hit the road if we're gonna be drinking margaritas on the beach at sunset."

I opened one eye and looked at the clock: 10am. One more hour before I had to be at work at Farrell's Ice Cream Shop. I pulled my pillow over my head, trying my best to block out Susan's voice.

But she wasn't having any of that. She ripped the pillow from my hands, hit me with a couple of times, and then pulled the curtains wide open. The fact that I had a summer job and she didn't didn't faze her at all. Her parents had a condo on the Alabama coast, and she had been hinting for days that she wanted me to head down there with her. Somehow she could talk me into just about any crazy thing. And this time was no exception.

We had the top down on her Mustang all the way to Gulf Shores. Eight hours of sun, wind, and singing as we wound our way south toward the emerald water. There was something freeing about not calling Mr. Farrell, not looking back, not thinking about tomorrow. If only we could drive forever.

We glided into the parking lot of The Hangout, radio blaring, just as the sky was turning shades of oranges and pinks. The wooden beach loungers were still warm from the sun as we settled into them in the sugary white sand, margaritas clinking.

The next day I called Mr. Farrell, and he fired me on the spot. No surprise there. But I didn't care. I spent the rest of the week with my best friend on the beach. It was totally worth it.


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Anita Coleman on July 24 2016 at 08:35AM

Awsome story…Wish we could all feel that freedom


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