This Years Cinderella is from the South
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This Years Cinderella is from the South
Mar 27/17

This Years Cinderella is from the South Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

It’s that magical “one shining moment” time of year that brings us back to our college years to cheer for our respective teams in the NCAA tournament. This also means there’s a chance “Cinderella” will appear at the big dance and we southerners are so thankful as we now unite behind South Carolina, an unlikely participant in the final four. The finals are set for the early April showdown with Gonzaga, North Carolina, Oregon, and South Carolina as the remaining teams. This unlikely cast of victors has resulted in only 657 accurate brackets remaining out of nearly 19 million brackets submitted in ESPN’s Tournament Challenge.


Gonzaga and North Carolina were the two most likely teams to reach the Final Four, at 45 and 48 percent likely to do so coming into the tournament, according to the basketball power rankings. The big shocker of the Final Four is obviously South Carolina, now carrying the lone Southern flag into the finals. The Gamecocks were 38th most likely to make the Final Four out of the 68 tournament teams.





Who knew South Carolina would now look like a basketball school? Massive crowds of students and fans rushed the Thomas Cooper Library on campus to celebrate the historic “first” of a Final Four appearance.


We thank you South Carolina, our southern Cinderella. It’s been quite a ride as you have overcome your .3% chance of making the finals. We are loving getting to know your coach and your team, enjoying every step of the journey with you.


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