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Top 10 Signs You Might Be from Louisiana
Jan 26/17

Top 10 Signs You Might Be from Louisiana Posted by: Rod Ford | 0 Comments


The unofficial state motto of Louisiana is “laissez les bons temps rouler,” which loosely translates to “Hey, we don’t judge.”

If America is a melting pot, Louisiana is the flavorful, crispy part that attaches to the pan. The bits you scrape off and fight over. It’s known for food and music, and corruption and football fans that — like tigers — are both awe-inspiring and frightening.

The stock and trade is diversity. The northern and southern parts are practically different worlds, which means the state — awash in sugar and spice and everything vice — is a believable setting for any work of fiction you can conjure from sweeping romance to seedy crime.

For those who haven’t spent much time in that Sportsman’s Paradise, it may be hard to pin down. Call it bewildering. Call it beautiful. We just call it home. So, here’s 10 signs you might be from Louisiana. 

1. The Saints are something you pray to twice on Sundays.

2. You roll your eyes at anyone above Interstate 20 who complains about humidity.

3. It snowed .5 inch and you tried to sled using your trash can lid.

4. You’ve had to explain to visiting friends that those blinking lights on the horizon aren’t stars, but they ARE probably emitting some sort of toxic, fiery gas.

5. You’ve ever told someone “I’ll dance at your funeral” and they weren’t mad.

6. You know that the only place to get a good king cake, beignets or boudin in the ENTIRE WORLD is south of Alexandria.

7. You’re fully aware that nutria is not a supplement at Whole Foods.

8. If you’ve ever purchased an alcoholic slushy as big as your head from your car window.

9. You’ve spent more time in Tiger Stadium than you did in college.

10. Give me an “I.” Give me an “E.” What’s that spell? “Ah-yeeeeeeeee!”


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Bourbon and Boots editor Melissa Tucker is a Louisiana native now living in Arkansas. She often heads home to visit family and a riverboat casino, but don’t tell anyone. Email her at Willa Dean has spent enough time in Louisiana to know to stay out of Baton Rouge during football season, to not breathe too deeply in Lake Charles and to chew king cake very carefully in New Orleans. E-mail her at




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