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Top 5 Bar Gifts
Jan 26/17

Top 5 Bar Gifts Posted by: Hedi Hemenway | 0 Comments


1. A Decanter

Whiskey and Bourbon decanters make great decorative pieces. You can show your appreciation for the outdoors, or highlight an interest or a hobby. A unique decanter also can provide a centerpiece for conversation or contemplation.



2. A Statement Piece

Unique and personalized lighting not only set the ambiance of your bar, but also add a personal touch. Make your bar stand out form the rest with a unique lamp made from your favorite reclaimed bourbon bottle. Not only will it make a statement, but will shine a light on your bar keep skills! 



3. The Right Glasses

Whiskey, Wine, and Beer oh my! For each type of liquor there is a glass to match. Whiskey on the rocks or straight up calls for our old fashion rocks glasses. If you prefer wine you’ll want our stemless wine glass or mango wood stemless wine glasses. Beer legends pub pints for the beer drinker and copper cups for a Moscow Mules will complete your drink ware needs. 



4. Bar Tools

Now that you have the glasses necessary for drinking you need to fill them! If you prefer the beer without the twist off lid you’ll need a bottle opener. If you open a bottle of wine and don’t finish it (but who ever does that!) a wine stopper will keep it fresh. On to mixing drinks, start with cold whiskey stones or ice from a whiskey ball, next pour your mixing water, tap water will not do your drink justice, add your liquor of choice, give it a stir and enjoy.

4. Storage and Accessories 

Reclaimed bourbon and wine barrel goods and accessories are a great compliment to any bar. Did you know you can get sunglasses, pens, and other everyday accessories made out of the barrels that remain fro the production process? A nice valet box is another great way to highlight your bourbon or cigar collection.



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