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Top Signs You Might Be From Mississippi
Jan 26/17

Top Signs You Might Be From Mississippi Posted by: Rod Ford | 0 Comments


The rest of the U.S. says, “Thank God for Mississippi” — even Alabama and Arkansas — and Mississippians say … well, there’s not much of a comeback to that statement if you’re a Mississippian. But listen, Mississippi has a lot going for it. Seriously. Friendly people. Great food. Beautiful sights. The birthplace of cultural icons from B.B. King to Elvis Presley to William Faulkner to Oprah Winfrey to Morgan Freeman to Willie Morris.

No matter what the rest of the country says about Mississippians, we are a proud people. Here are 10 tell-tale signs you are a proud Mississippian, too:

1. You know each Sonic in a small Mississippi town has a cool side to park on and an uncool side to park on.

2. You live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and someone calls you, “Coast trash,” and you don’t get offended because at least you’re not a coon ass from Louisiana.

3. When the Powerball jackpot gets above $250 million, you find yourself in some gas station in Lake Village, Ark.; Delta, La.; or Memphis buying a Powerball ticket.

4. You have a block of Mississippi State University cheese in your fridge and some MSU ice cream in the freezer.

5. You know the best thing about attending a Jackson State University football game is watching the Sonic Boom of the South marching band.

6. You know Alligator, Arcola, Itta Bena, Hushpuckena, Nitta Yuma, Panther Burn, Rena Lara, Sunnyside, Teoc and Tutwiler are all spots in the Mississippi Delta. Strangely though, Pelahatchie is not.

7. Couples plan their wedding dates around college football games.

8. You know there’s comeback sauce and then there are other, lesser condiments.

9. You know you can’t purchase beer in a liquor store in Mississippi.

10. You know that casseroles deserve their own spot in any cookbook.

11. “Heading to the beach” means not the beach in Mississippi, but the Redneck Riviera of Alabama and Florida.

12. That before you went to a four-year university or college, you attended a Juco. And you know Juco is short for junior college.

13. When someone asks, “Are you ready?” You immediately scream: “Hell yeah! Damn right” And start “Hotty Toddy.” (If you’re an Ole Miss fan. If not, you might say, “No, but I’m fixin’ to be ready.”)

14. You know Kool-Aid pickles are weirdly colored but delicious.

15. You have a stuffed deer head mounted on a wall somewhere in your house.

16. You don’t go to the farmers’ market because you have a garden full of vegetables in your backyard.

17. You know a meat-and-two meal from a gas station tastes better than fast food.

18. You had to tell the preacher to let church out at 11:45 a.m. so you could get home in time to watch New Orleans Saints’ games at noon on Sunday.

Comeback sauce photo courtesy of Add A Pinch.
Kool-aid pickle photo courtesy of 2 Peas in a Blog.


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Patrick Thompson is a Mississippi native and refers to himself as a “refined redneck.” That means he can run a trotline but also knows his dinner fork from his fish fork. Shelby Foote and Larry Brown are his favorite Mississippians.



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