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Types of Wine Glasses
Aug 24/16

Types of Wine Glasses Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

It’s that time again, time to kick off your shoes, relax, and enjoy a nice glass of wine. But did you know that the type of glass you pour it in affects the way it tastes? Not to worry, however, that you have another complicated decision to make. Here’s a simple guide to which glass to choose to make the most of your vino.

White Wine
Light bodied whites are best served in smaller bowled wine glasses that not only keep the wine cooler, but because it’s close to your nose, you can smell the delicious aromas. If it’s a full-bodied or aged white you are reaching for, a white wine glass with a larger bowl (also called a Montrachet glass) will do the trick and bring out the creamy texture.

Red Wine
Red wines are at their best when served in larger bowled wine glasses, which allows the wine to “open up” in the glass and taste smoother. Whether it’s a spicy, full-bodied red or a lighter-bodied red, the wider opening allows the wine to be at its best. Sparkling and

Dessert Wine
If it’s fancy you are in the mood for, sparkling wine flutes keep your bubbly bubbling and the taste crisp and light. For those delicious dessert wines, a port glass enhance the sweet and subtle flavors you are craving. Whichever wine and glass you choose, remember to swirl, sip, and enjoy. Cheers!


By Paula Martin
Paula Martin was born and raised in Arkansas and received her MFA in Creative Writing at the University of New Orleans. She is a writer, teacher, mom, barefoot trail runner, martial artist, and free-thinker always packed and ready for the next adventure. 



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