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Southern Stories
Jan 27/17

Walking Dead Brings Georgia Towns Back to Life Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

As it turns out, some of the small, abandoned towns in Georgia are the perfect setting for The Walking Dead’s zombie apocalypse.

Oh, um … yay?

We guess if you’re going to be known for something, a television show about zombies isn’t half bad. We’ll take it. The popular AMC series has managed to revitalize some dead towns simply by using them as filming locations. As a result, fans are flocking to unknown places like Grantville, Senoia and Haralson and turning them into tourist towns. (Atlanta is also one leg of the tour, but nobody’s calling that place ramshackle.)

And the residents in these small towns get in on the act — reciting some key lines to the show:

Many townspeople know the dialogue by heart. A dishwasher behind the bar mouths the words: “You said that you would turn on your radio every day at dawn. … And you were not there!”

For the full story, the Associated Press follows groups of tourists through these towns and gives some insight on how it all works. It’s pretty cool. Have any of these restaurants put brains on the menu? That’s what we want to know.



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