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Southern Stories
May 31/13

When Good Monograms Go Bad Posted by: Hannah Bryant | 0 Comments

I love good monograms as much as the next girl. I do. They’ve been around since the Romans were in charge and have always been a symbol of status and heritage in the south. And when done well, they still look classy. Rooted in tradition, they add just the right amount of spice to ordinary things. But let’s be real; things have gone a little far.

“If it doesn’t move, monogram it,” doesn’t even apply anymore. We monogram everything, moving or not. Including ourselves.

And let’s face it, cramming three letters together in Edwardian Script may technically be a monogram, but it is not the thing of beauty you are looking for. (Or at least should be going for). And it is definitely not representative of that sweet Southern tradition. Applied to a tacky surface, like your handgun, things just get worse.

So let’s go over a few basic rules, shall we? Your monogram should be a simple, subtle addition to your look. A lovely, little piece of you. Notice the singular case – monogram. This means you shouldn’t pair your monogram filigree necklace with your monogram polo and your monogram canvas tote bag .

Stop shouting at us. Keep your monogram on the smaller side. Anything too over the top is just gaudy. This goes for your vehicle, as well. If you insist on sticking a custom decal on your back window, a small one in the corner is plenty. Trust me.

Please, please, avoid monogramming everything you own. Just because it can be monogrammed, does not mean it should be monogrammed.

The Worst of the Worst:
1. To be honest, I hate all things emblazoned with Louis Vuitton’s initials. I just can’t understand walking around with someone else’s ugly initials on your bag. Or skin. Or gun. I don’t get it.

2. Don’t get me started on UGGS.

3. Hair initialing. Enough said.

For some examples of monogramming done right, check out this cute clutch and these adorable monogrammed dresses (right).



For more classy self-identification, try these monogrammed accessories.



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