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Jan 27/17

Where to Dive In to Elvis Presley’s Filmography Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

So, you really want to be a fan of Elvis on film, but you don’t know where to start, is that what I hear you saying?

The trusted experts over at the Onion’s A.V. Club have a new series called Gateways to Geekery, which is fast becoming our favorite place on the internet. So much pop culture learning, so little time. The one that caught our eye first: Elvis Presley. The man has a list of screen credits longer than your mom’s batting eyelashes, and for those who didn’t grow up in that era, it’s hard to know where to jump in. Here’s how they introduce this segment:

Elvis Presley became a star in an era when show business didn’t have a designated track for a talented teen idol who sang “race music” and performed with raw sexuality. So the industry slotted Presley into the “fad” category, and did what it had done with so many flashes in the pan before, trying to squeeze out as much revenue as possible before the public inevitably lost interest. Shortly after Presley’s debut album was released in 1956, the singer signed a contract with Paramount Pictures, and deferred to the studio’s decisions as it worked to find the right movie image for him: western hero, juvenile delinquent, Brando-esque lump, or something else entirely.

No one can argue Presley has enough charisma and classic appeal to stay relevant in today’s world of pre-packaged stardom. The man was a legend no matter what he did. But, nevertheless, some efforts will be more legendary than others, which is why you want to start with the best. You’ll want to get yourself hooked before you give less worthy films a go. Right?

So, the A.V. Club recommends you start with Blue Hawaii.

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