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Southern Stories
Oct 22/13

Where You Belong: Your State Personality Posted by: Dan | 0 Comments


Time Magazine has ranked states based on their personality here, and if you take the quiz, you can conceivably find the area of the country with a character most similar to yours.

Time says, “The study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, was an exhaustive one, spanning 13 years and including nearly 1.6 million survey respondents from the 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia. (Alaska and Hawaii were excluded because not enough people responded to the researchers’ questionnaires.) ”

But until you take this quiz, here’s a few findings we thought were interesting.

1. West Virginia is the most neurotic state.

2. Utah is the least neurotic and the most agreeable place in the country.

3. Wisconsin was the most extroverted.

4. Most of the South is “friendly and conventional,” except North Carolina and Virginia, which are “relaxed and creative.”

5. Oh, and Texas, which is “temperamental and uninhibited.”  We don’t know how it got THAT score.

Take the quiz here and find out where you belong.



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