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Whiskey Legends: Which Would You Have a Drink With?
Jul 22/16

Whiskey Legends: Which Would You Have a Drink With? Posted by: Drew Ford | 2 Comments

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had to answer this question: “If you could invite any four people to a dinner party who would they be?” Today, we’re going to tweak that question a bit: If you could invite four people to have a drink with, who would they be? The only rule: they must be a whiskey drinker. Below are some of our picks. Who would you add to the list?  

Winston Churchill: Probably the grandfather of whiskey drinkers and certainly the person who has the best one-liners about the libation, we imagine a drink with Mr. Churchill would lead to incredible stories and great laughs. If we’re lucky maybe he’ll even let us smoke a cigar with him. 


Ernest Hemingway: We admit it, we’ve been wanting to drink with Ernest Hemingway ever since we read The Sun Also Rises. If we had it our way, we would meet the famous author in Key West, hopefully at Sloppy Joe's Bar, or at his home surrounded with the six toe cats. If not though, we’ll just have to settle for stories of running with the bulls, game hunts in Africa, and intense boxing matches. 


Mark Twain: Mark Twain is the reason we believed kids could have wild adventures. He’s also the excuse we gave ourselves for drinking too much in college; ya know that whole “ Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough” thing. Plus, we feel like he would get along great with our next guest. 


William Faulkner: There’s a reason people leave whiskey bottles at this man’s grave. He loved his whiskey, typically in a Mint Julep, but we have a feeling he would drink it straight as well. If we’re lucky maybe he’ll let us have our little party at his home in Oxford. Talk about legendary. 



By Drew Ford
Drew Ford was born in Arkansas, but has been lucky to call several southern states home. She’s currently working on Masters in Southern Studies from the University of Mississippi. She loves vinyl records, long road trips, and acquiring useless trivia.



Fred Novy on July 27 2016 at 07:31PM

It would be a great dinner

Penny McLoud on July 25 2016 at 11:05PM

I think Winston Churchill would make a fantastic drinking companion! I’m familiair with some of his tales & escapades….I’m sure it would make for a truly eventful evening, filled with memories to share…but, that no one would believe.


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