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Jan 27/17

You Pick Store-bought Produce Idea Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

Ever tear open a bag of clementines or pop the top on a container of grape cherries and think about how superfluous it all seems? Nature is its own perfect packaging most of the time, but the way our modern grocery store system operates necessitates the shipping and handling and storing of our produce until it’s ready for your consumption.

The grocery store is convenient, and it’s back breaking, time-consuming and sweaty work to travel to U-Pick Farms to cull your own food. Is there a middle ground solution? Maybe so.

An innovative thinker in North Carolina is hoping to change the way we shop for produce with The Farmery. Here’s how it was described by Modern Farmer.

At the Farmery, shipping, packing, and handling are eliminated in favor of right here, right now, IRL cultivation. In a series of stacked shipping containers, vertical growing panels and hydroponic tech and come together to form a fully immersive shopping experience. The various climate-controlled areas are equipped to support baby greens — a “high value crop,” Greene says — as well as lettuces, strawberries, dwarf chili peppers, and herbs, which customers can select themselves, along with custom shiitake, oyster, and seasonal mushroom containers. Fostering this intimate relationship with edibles will only serve to enhance the experience, while increasing understanding of how things grow. He anticipates half of the sales will come from this “u-pick” set-up, with the rest from local, artisanal goods stocked on-site — a nice way to craft a sense of community in the middle of a bustling metropolis.

A grocery store where you can pick your own produce? Sounds like the perfect compromise. Would you be interested in such a venture in your hometown?



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