Handmade Copper Whiskey Still 5 Liter

Making your own liquor is a project, but it can be completed if you have the right equipment. When you purchase a copper whiskey still you can make whatever liquor you prefer. The most important part is making sure that you have all of the right ingredients and that you have the right still.

If you are looking for the top-of-the-line 5 gallon moonshine still, then you have come to the right place. This is a best-selling moonshine still that you can’t go wrong with. This 5 gallon steel is going to net approximately 1 gallon of moonshine or whatever you plan on making. The pot itself has a 5 gallon capacity with brass handles. These handles make it easy for transport and this pot is also copper. You can appreciate the Swan neck for the head that attaches itself snugly into the pot. The Swan neck also connects securely to the condenser. This also has a temperature gauge that can be read in Fahrenheit or Celsius that easily attaches to the head of the still. The condenser of the still is a nozzle at the top that has an outlet for catching liquid at the bottom. There is plenty of coil length inside the condenser that will help cool down the vapors from your liquid. This may be a bit more expensive than most would anticipate, but this is a high quality still. It also comes with a two-year warranty, but general maintenance on this copper still will make it last a lifetime.

Here is another high quality 5 gallon pure copper whiskey still. This is a handcrafted lead free copper still that is made out of a heavy-gauge copper that skilled artisans created. This has the capacity of 20 leaders and it is strictly made out of pure copper and brass handles. This whiskey still has amazing ratings and it comes with a built-in temperature gauge. This also can be used for different types of liquor. You can make whiskey, Scotch, rum, or even tequila. If you like essential oils – this is going to be an excellent investment. If you ever wanted a home business – this whiskey still can help you achieve an essential oil home business.

This is a 3 gallon home distiller that can be used for many different types of liquors and oils. This is the ideal distiller for anybody that is a beginner or curious about this hobby. It has a built-in thermometer that reads Celsius and Fahrenheit. It also has a refund guarantee for 100% if you are not satisfied as well. This still is made out of non-toxic red copper and it also has stainless steel material.

New Hobby

The great thing about starting a new hobby is all of the experimentation that you will be able to do. If you are thinking about making your own liquor or if you plan on trying out some essential oils – this home distiller is going to be the perfect way to go. What you need to do is naturally purchase a copper whiskey still. From there you need to read the owners manual, but also get prepared with all of the ingredients that you will need. If you are going to make liquor, then you will need to find some type of grain. The easiest and most accessible grain is going to be corn. You will need to find a decent quality of corn and you will need to purchase this in bulk. Then, you will need to find a recipe. There are many places to find different recipes, but Amazon is going to be the best place if you need to purchase anything. You also should take the time to watch videos to see if there are any new techniques you might be able to learn. People are really great about sharing their information and knowledge, so there could be a hidden secret about making a specific type of liquor that you did not even know about. If you have time – don’t forget to simply do a search for moonshine recipes. The interesting part is that you can find lots of YouTube videos showing different recipes, but you can actually change the flavors. There are going to be so many different variations to choose from, but the biggest thing is making sure that you have a high quality grain that is going to turn into a “mash” for your moonshine or any other liquor that you plan on creating.

If you are planning on doing some type of essential oil extraction or you would like to start doing this type of hobby, then you will need to do plenty of research. The biggest part is going to be finding the plans and either purchasing them online or planting them. If you decide to plant, then it is going to be a bit more extensive. This can be a hobby, but it also can quickly turn into a home business if you really like your essential oils. If you plan on going for a home business, then you will need to also make sure you have everything set up properly. What you will want to do is obviously get the product ready. This is going to involve finding distribution, but you also need to find some method of a container or a bottle. This can get time-consuming, that is why it is important to not rush. This can become a successful home business, but it also can be scaled down to just a hobby with benefits. Your friends and family can enjoy all of your essential oils or even your homemade liquor during special occasions.

Creating your own liquor can be a rewarding experience. Can you imagine drinking apple pie moonshine? Or does some watermelon moonshine sound interesting? These liquors can all be achieved by finding the best possible recipe and taking your time with your copper whiskey still. The sky is the limit with this type of device and you should be able to enjoy many different types of liquor and oils.

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