Home Distillation W-Copper Whiskey Still

Whiskey lovers are going to love making whiskey at home. It is much easier than you would think, but you need to know a few things first before you start to make whiskey from home. The first thing you need to do is choose the right distillation. You want to use copper, because it will help with the quality of your whiskey or moonshine on more of a molecular level that any other type of metal just will not be able to match. Sulfur and sulfides are part of the fermentation process that is unavoidable, these can carry into your product and actually end up making your whiskey or your moonshine quite painful. Not only will you have a bad taste, but the hangover can end up becoming quite brutal. That is why copper is the ideal type of metal you want to use, because it has a special chemistry that will convert and bind all of your product and turn it into a much higher quality.

You also need to take into consideration the right distillation unit with curves. There are a few different types to choose from, but the potbelly and onion head seem to be fan favorites, because you can easily manipulate the surface area of your still which will then increase the purity and the flavor of your product. It also makes everything faster and more efficient, therefore curves are the way to go. You will never find straight lines at any high quality top shelf scotch distillery. Curves are the only way to go when it comes to creating your own high-quality product.

The onion head top is going to capture vapor and then it will be routed to the condenser. This type of top is tall enough to increase the purity but it also is short enough to maintain the high quality flavor. This top also has a built-in thermometer which helps maintain the right temperature. This is a really user-friendly type of whiskey distiller that will produce some amazing whiskey or moonshine – it depends on what you are making.

The potbelly boiler is what you will normally find in a high quality blurry. Sure, anybody can make whiskey with straight lines, but if you are trying to exceed your expectations, then curves is the only way to go. Will be able to control the distilling process by using this potbelly boiler that is personally handcrafted. All of the vapors are sent to the top of this unit for next stage refinement.

Homemade Whiskey

If you are getting ready to make whiskey from home, then you need to know that it is a grain-based spirit. Therefore, you can start off with corn or wheat, but you also can include barley. If you are into multi grain, then you can always create a mixed blend. Keep in mind, that corn is the least expensive grain to purchase if you plan on buying in bulk. You will need to purchase at least 10 pounds of corn to expect a reasonable amount of product. The next part of the process is going to be cooking the corn at an extremely high temperature, because you are looking to extract the sugars in the grain. Normally, distillers will be able to do this process for you, so there is an actual distiller kit that you can use which will make things easier. After you have completed this process, you will take a look at your corn mush. The fermentation process will take several days, but you have to realize that your pre-whiskey mush is going to begin changing and starting the pre-whiskey phase. In the beginning, your corn is going to become a sweet oatmeal, but that is the first sign that the sugar is converting into alcohol. You should monitor the temperature and you also want to constantly check on your product. Normally, the fermentation process is not going to take more than a week. The next part is putting the mash into a still. This part is important, because you need to make sure that none of the alcoholic vapor leaks out of the still. You want to double check to make sure that your still is properly secure and that your mash (mushed corn) is piping hot at 80°C. That is the temperature were alcohol will start to evaporate. You will then need to shock the vapor into liquid form, this is where your distiller will begin to refine your product with the help of a condenser. You should have cold water constantly running around it and before you know it – new liquid is formed that can be poured into a new container. That is officially your new liquor.

Here is a top-rated distiller with a thumper keg from Walmart that is perfect if you plan on doing homebrewing making your own liquor. It has free shipping and it will be able to make a solid 5 gallons of whatever type of alcohol you would like to create.

This process can take time to learn and you may end up having to do it a few times over, but the end result can be a wonderful whiskey that you will be able to share with your friends and family. You need to take your time, and you also may need to experience different recipes or try out different types of distilling machines, but the main thing you need to focus on is safety and following all of the instructions. If you plan on making several huge batches, you also might want to think about barrel aging. You can go online and find different types of barrels and even sizing. You want to find a nice quality whiskey barrel that your product will be able to age inside of. You might even purchase some special whiskey barrel glasses for when it is time to break open the whiskey barrel and try all of your homemade liquor. Enjoy drinking your new homemade liquor, but don’t forget to invite friends over to try out all of your hard work.

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