Overcoming the Addiction- How to Become a New Person

Overcoming the Addiction- How to Become a New Person

So, you are finally recovering from drug addiction. Congratulations! This is a crucial step you’ve taken in escaping the trap of substance abuse. But, this doesn’t mark the end of your story. You need to ensure that you constantly make informed decisions going forward. That’s the only way you can stay sober and avoid addiction again.

Here are effective strategies to help you overcome addiction and lead a new life after recovering from addiction.

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1. Choose the Right Friends

If you have friends that do not support your recovery process, limit your contact with them. Instead, spend your time around people that understand and care. Good friends won’t do things that can make you crave for the addictive substances. Instead, they will remind you that you committed to avoid addictive substances. These are the people to reach out to for motivation on rough days.

So, to determine whether to end or continue any of your friendships, ask the following questions:

  • Is the friendship an obstacle when it comes to beating addiction?
  • Do you feel pressurized in the presence of your friend?
  • Is your friend concerned about your decision and efforts to overcome addiction?

Your friends might not understand what you are going through at some point. That’s because they have probably not experienced the addiction problem. But, that’s not a reason to be abrupt or rude to them.

If your friends do not understand the issues you face when fighting addiction, allow them some time to comprehend. You can even explain your status to them. Do it directly and make your intentions known to them.

For instance, before you call addiction hotline number, talk to your friends about your decision to regain sobriety. Let them know that you’re doing this to enhance the quality of your life. If they don’t understand and instead push you to continue using the addictive substance, be strong and break off your friendship with them.

Anybody that doesn’t support your decision to improve your life quality should not get your attention. Instead of spending time with de-motivating people, be alone.

2. Accept Your Past Mistakes Courageously

You probably did things that upset others during the addiction phase of your life. It’s now time to fix the damage you made. You can’t change what happened. However, you can reshape your present and forge new, better relationships.

For the relationships that you ruined during the addiction phase of your life, try to fix them if they matter to you. For instance, you can approach the people you hurt, let them know that you accept the mistakes you made and that you are sorry.

Every human makes mistakes and you’re no different. What’s important at this point is what you do after calling a drug addiction hotline and undergoing treatment. Put your ego aside, acknowledge your mistakes and show remorse for what you did.

If talking to the person you wronged is impossible, write down a note expressing your emotions or feelings. This will show that you are ready to fix your broken relationship.

3. Build Your Career

Research has proven an association between alcohol, cannabis, and tobacco use with job loss. Essentially, the prevalence of substance use among unemployed individuals is higher than among employed persons. If addiction has cost you your job, finding a new one with a history of substance abuse might be difficult at first. This can even prompt you to take a backward step and join the unemployed army temporarily.

Luckily, some organizations can help you beat addiction and regain the confidence you need to lead an independent life. It’s crucial to explore different options to get the assistance you need to make the right move in life. Avoid limiting yourself. Instead, enjoy the freedom that comes with new challenges.

Take what happens in life in small chunks and slowly. Live your life maximally and don’t allow disturbance of the positive flow by anyone or anything. Talk to friends and family while sharing life goals with the right people.

4. Inspire Others

In addition to focusing on your recovery, educate other people about the negative aspects of addiction. Sharing your feelings and thoughts shouldn’t be difficult. That’s because you tell them what you have experienced.

After making that call to a drug abuse hotline, you will receive treatment and information that you can use to help other people that are still stuck in addiction. You will feel better if a mother blesses you if you prevent her child or husband from becoming an addict. Knowing that you are the reason another person recovered from addiction will also feel more rewarding.

Being an inspiration to others will enhance your confidence. This move will make your struggles seem insignificant and make you realize the potential you have when it comes to helping others. And you can do this by taking up a volunteer job. Take a position that gives you a chance to meet addicts, as well as, those in recovery and give them more on Quick Fix 6.2. Ensure that they do not repeat the mistakes you made in life.

5. Be Patient

Research has shown that recovery is a gradual personal growth process. Painful withdrawal symptoms can characterize different steps of this process. Therefore, accept the fact that positive results won’t appear overnight or every day. There will be days when you will feel down.

In some days, you will feel weak. This can make your resolve waiver and tempt you to go back to addictive habits. However, this is the time to call people that can help you beat addiction. You can also use mobile apps that provide support networks. Such apps can connect you with a sponsor.

So, bear in mind the fact that you will have rough moments when old urges and cravings will strike. These can tempt you after you call rehab, undergo treatment, and when you feel like your recovery phase is going on well. This happens mostly because people relate good times with substance abuse even after undergoing treatment. Therefore, always remember that overcoming mood swings requires time.

It’s also important that you find a sponsor or join a program that will provide a support system that will help you go through the anxious moments.

The Bottom Line

Overcoming addiction to become a new person requires knowledge of the recovery process and effective strategies. After calling a drug hotline and receiving treatment, know that your story doesn’t end there. You have to do certain things that will enhance your recovery such as choosing the right friends and building your career. Nevertheless, you can beat addiction and start afresh with strategies that will help you lead a sober life.

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