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Rare, Unique, Unusual Handcrafted Vintage Gifts: Jobs

Bourbon & Boots is a Southern Lifestyle Brand focusing on quality growth with an empowered entrepreneurial spirit.  We rely heavily on data, analytics, and science to identify interested audience for the promotion of our rare & unique artisan inspired, handcrafted quality goods and home decor. 

The company was recently named by Inc. Magazine as the 16th fastest growing private brand in the U.S. as well as winning various Industry awards for its innovative use of data & analytics to grow its social audience. 

The Southern Lifestyle Brand features many disciplines inclusive of Customer Care Roles, Shipping & Fulfillment Roles, Interactive Audience Acquisition Roles, Data Insight & Intelligence Roles, User Interface & Mobile Technology Development Roles, and Merchandising Roles. 

The Most Current Needs of the Southern Lifestyle Brand Are:

  • eCommerce Webmaster 
  • Artisan Maker's & Apprentices
  • Customer Care Associates 
  • Warehouse & Fulfillment Associates

Interested applicants should send their resume to: customerservice@bourbonandboots.com


Bourbon & Boots is a southern lifestyle brand, integrating artisan inspired and maker quality craftsmanship into the rare, unique and unusual gifts we design, craft, and ship. The company was formed as an alternative for consumers looking for differentiated heirloom quality goods unlike the mass-produced foreign goods available in big box retail stores. We utilize domestically available or up cycled materials in our designs and handcrafting process for all of our unique personalized gifts.