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Self Balancing Motorized Electric Skateboard w/ Wireless Remote Control

Self Balancing Motorized Electric Skateboard w/ Wireless Remote Control

$ 495.00

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Bourbon & Boots has secured from Fojaos, the leader in intelligent self-balancing scooters a great buy on the K1, the world's most advanced self-balancing electric skateboard with wireless remote control. This skateboard is no toy and is highly engineered for the outdoor adventurer.  A perfect gift for the person in your live that loves skateboards, sport or trick biking, BMX, or motocross. The four-wheel motorized skateboard is equipped wsith a wireless variable speed remote control which lets users control its speed, turning, braking, and stopping.  The front and rear wheels are equipped with damping blocks to ensure a smooth and consistent ride. The Sony Lithium ION battery assures a range of 12 miles on a single charge. 

  • Handmade Canadian Maple Wood Deck
  • Four Wheel Motorized Wheels w/ 4.5" Rubber Tires, Front & Back Damping Blocks for Suspension
  • 2.4Ghz Hand Held Wireless Remote Control. 
  • Max Speed is 12 MPH and Maximum Range on 2 Hour Charge is 12 Miles
  • Weight:  21 LBS,   Deck Size:  15.5" Wide x 32" Length
  • Inside Package:  Electric Skateboard, Charger, Hand Held Remote Control 

Be sure and read the press reviews of this marvelous skateboard, provided in the product images.