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Moonshine Southern Gentleman Cologne

Moonshine Southern Gentleman Cologne

$ 76.00

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Moonshine Cologne isn’t some gag gift or homemade recipe cooked up from a still.  This is the real deal with a deeply unique and Southern man scent. A scent especially formulated for Bourbon & Boots it has a woodsy aroma with hints of spice; including black pepper, tobacco, leather, gin, and even a little patchouli. 

It is uniquely made for the Southern Gentleman that’s comfortable in his own skin and hates fads; who can’t stand sweet-smelling cologne and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing what those pouty-looking, oven-baked, GQ guys wear.  This is the favorite cologne of the Bourbon & Boots chairman. 

It comes in a 3.4 fl ounce/100 ml bottle, with burlap travel sack and wooden storage box.



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