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Waterfowl Whiskey Decanter Set w/4 Tapered Old Fashion Glasses

Waterfowl Whiskey Decanter Set w/4 Tapered Old Fashion Glasses

$ 79.00

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A must have for any lover of the prairie wings, this art as canonized on this decanter and glass set was first produced in 1932 featuring the work of international wildlife artist Richard E. Bishop. Mr. Bishop was the original artist for the Federal Duck Stamp program introduced in 1936.

The colored etchings on the decanter and each glass feature a Canadian Goose, Mallard, Pintail, and Teal.

Born in Syracuse, New York in 1887, Richard E. Bishop was a noted painter, etcher, and writer.  He graduated from Cornell University and continued his studies at the Graphic Sketch Club in New York City. In 1924, his Canada Geese was awarded the Charles Lea Prize from the Philadelphia Print Club.

Bishop's paintings and prints may be found in the Honolulu Art Museum, the Syracuse Museum of Fine Arts, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

An artist internationally known for his wildlife prints, Bishop illustrated the book Prairie Wings by Edgar Queeney and, in 1936, published Bishop's Birds. 
He was the original artist for the prestigious Federal Duck Stamp program at its inaugural in 1936.

The artist died in 1975 at the age of 87.


  • Includes: 1 Decanter & 4 tapered old fashion glasses
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Shipped with Gift box


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