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Reclaimed Wine Barrel Stave Small Serving Tray

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Stave Small Serving Tray

$ 59.00

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This unique wine barrel stave serving tray is handmade from reclaimed wine barrels straight from the Northern California wineries. After the French Oak barrels have served their purpose of absorbing and maturing the deep red Cabernet, the barrels are reclaimed, disassembled, and crafted into a beautiful and functional piece of furnishing. All parts of the wine barrel serving tray are handcrafted, creating a unique and distinctive home furnishing that provides you a charming piece of the wine country into your home. 

This serving tray is a great way to display your treats, breads or cheeses. Measuring approximately 6 inches by 14 inches, these trays fit any table or counter, and make great gifts for friends, loved ones or clients.

  • Source: Reclaimed Napa Valley Wine Barrels
  • Dimensions: 14” x 6”
  • Made: In California