Why Men Should Practice Mindfulness Meditation?

Why Men Should Practice Mindfulness Meditation?

Why Men Should Practice Mindfulness Meditation?

It’s a common misconception that meditation is for females only. Truth be told, most of the ancient practitioners of meditation were men and that is due to the old rules regarding males and females (what each gender was allowed to do and not do, for example). There is no reason that a man shouldn’t practice meditation, as it can be just as beneficial to them as it is for a female. The other misconception is that only young adults and up should practice meditation as kids and seniors might not have the forces for it but again, you can show some steps regarding a meditation routine to both children and seniors so they too can reap the benefits.

Taking care of your mental health and reconnecting with your inner self shouldn’t be limited to gender but instead, it should be something that the entire family can enjoy – at different times of course!

Increases the Positivity in Your Emotions

Positivity in Your Emotions
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Much like the way a passion or hobby works, mindfulness meditation can actually teach you a higher level of understanding, a higher level of compassion and a higher level of awareness in the world around you. Just because a meditation routine requires you to focus on you and only you; it increases your awareness in your social interactions. Because you are so in tune with yourself, you can use these skills and recognize when someone is upset, anxious or acting in a manner that isn’t appropriate.

Reduces the Stress Levels in the Body

Mediation, especially mindfulness meditation routines, can reduce the overall stress levels in your body. This reduction in stress loosens the muscles, reduces the tension felt in your shoulders and neck while lowering your blood pressure levels.

A reduction in stress gives you the skills you need to have a better quality of life and meditation can also improve your ability to reduce stress levels on your own. With a better sense of focus, the urge to get stressed over the small stuff isn’t as high and you are able to control your anger, frustration and despair over work and/or personal issues better.

Changes that Aren’t Visible to the Naked Eye

Mindfulness meditation can produce an influx of hormones throughout the body but don’t worry, you won’t find yourself crying the next time a sad commercial plays on the television. The hormones that are produced during meditation and lower stress levels increase the immune system and allows for lower blood pressure.

The repetition that is required for a meditation routine is also soothing to someone who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. It allows the brain to focus in on one thing (the meditation mantra, chant or phrase) and stick to that one thing until the overwhelming feeling of anxiety is gone.

Setting Up the Room

Regardless of what gender you are, what size you are, what type of meditation routine you choose – one thing remains a constant and that is that a mindfulness meditation routine requires a specific setup before starting. While the objects inside the room can differ, the bodily positions can differ, the scent of the essential oil can differ; you still to incorporate the following to truly feel all the benefits of your mindfulness meditation routine:

  • You want a quiet room that is away from your family members and doesn’t see a lot of frequent foot traffic. A room with a door that can be locked is your best bet; whether it is in the basement or garage.
  • You want to be able to control the lighting within the room. Have the lamps on dimmers or only use a low-wattage bulb while going through your meditation routine. If possible, use a semi-darkening curtain to the window and use the natural light filtering along the edges for the best results.
  • Have the option to play music at a low volume. Having soothing sounds and quiet melodies can allow the body to relax and the tension to ease from the shoulders. This will in turn, allow the meditator to clear the mind more easily.
  • Use an essential oil diffuser to lightly coat the surrounding air of the room with a relaxing and soothing scent. Some people find that lavender has the best results or a woodsy smell such as pine or sandalwood as it invokes Mother Nature. Or, you can specifically use essential oils for men to preserve the masculinity scent.


Just because you were born a male or identify with male mannerisms; there is no reason that you shouldn’t practice mindfulness meditation. It’s an exercise in strength and focus for the mind while increasing a man’s awareness about their body, their strength, their fears and their confidence. A meditation routine can become just as big of a stress reliever that chopping wood or taking apart something can be. It can teach you skills that improve your memory, improve your focus and increase the value of all your social interactions.

Less stress in the body equals less stress on the mind which in turn sums up to be a happy man indeed.

Cover Image credits: Photo by theformfitness from Pexels

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