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The 10 Best Surfboard Car Racks to Buy 2020

Surfing is one of the most common water activities for both holidays and sports. Surfers, however, sometimes find it hard transporting their surfboards to the beach. The only way out is to find the most suitable car rack that will carry your surfboard when you go to the beach.

This post highlights ten of the best surfboard car racks you will need for your 2020 surfing needs. With the right roof rack for your car, you will find it easy to transport your surfboard without worrying about the distance to the sea. You can reduce the amount of money you spend on renting a surfboard or transportation problems.



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Consider these ten best surfboard car racks that will change your experience in 2020.

1. Thule Express Surf Strap

For a simple solution, you need minimal adjustments to carry your surfboard on any of your cars. As long as you have the crossbars on your car, the surf strap will facilitate you with a surfboard carrying solution. All you need is to tie the board on your car roof rack using the straps, and you are ready to go.

Thule surf strap is stretchable, making it easy to fasten any size of surfboards on your vehicle. It offers the stability you need even for long road travels. You can carry two boards at the same time on one car, so you do not need too many gadgets to enhance your experience.

Thule 531 Express Surf Strap Blue One PairBuy on Amazon

2. Front Runner Vertical Surfboard Carrier

Sometimes you may want to carry more than a surfboard on the same roof rack. When installing a surfboard roof rack, you would want to consider the other possibilities it can offer you as well as your needs. That is when the vertical surfboard carrier becomes an ideal choice.

The rack enables you to carry your surfboard in a vertical position at the edges of the roof rack. In this position, you are sure that the board is safe, even on the most rugged roads. Besides, you have plenty of storage left on your car’s roof rack to carry other sporting gear or holiday accessories.

Surfboard Sling/Surfboard Carrier - Longboard Over 7'6 by CurveBuy on Amazon

3. INNO Racks Locking Rack

When you want a versatile roof rack for your surfboard, you would want a solution that fits all scenarios. The locking surfboard roof rack from INNO Racks is a choice for all types of systems. It fits square, round, oval, and any other shape of the OEM bars.

With the locking roof rack, you can secure your surfboard – regardless of its size. The design allows you to fasten your board with straps. You can adjust the tight using the hand knob. This feature ensures that your boards do not shift or loosen while you are on the road to and fro the beach.

INNO Racks - Locking Surfboard Roof Rack - Water Sport Car Top MountBuy on Amazon

4. Thule Tailgate Pad

For a quick load and offload solution, you need a roof rack for your surfboard that takes the minimum effort and time. Thule tailgate is a set of pads you can install on your car for transporting your surfboard and stand up paddleboards.

The sewn-in strap gives you an easy time to load the board. It slides under the tailgate, and you need a tie-down strap for holding the surfboard in place. The design of the pad makes it resistant to UV rays in hot climates. This feature makes it durable for a long time – preventing the system from fading and becoming brittle.

5. Block Surf Roof Rack

No roof rack on your car yet? Do not worry. The surfboard roof rack from Block Surf is your ideal solution when all you want to carry on the vehicle is your roof rack. Depending on your needs, you can carry from one to three boards on the rack when going for your favorite beach activity.

The capacity depends on the surfboard thickness, but the size does not matter. You can carry long surfboards as well as the short ones. Without the need for any additional equipment, you can strap your boards directly on your car’s roof. The pads give a resting position for your boards with buckled straps to fasten them tight.

Block Surf Surfboard Roof Rack, Universal Fit for Cars and SUVs (Pro)Buy on Amazon

6. Surfboard Soft Rack

Nobody wants bulk when going out for sports. All you would want is to go, surf, and come back. This minimal surfboard rack is the smallest design you can ever find on the market. The “mini-me” design of this surfboard rack makes it the easiest to carry, install, and use.

By the way, I do not think there is any installation process. The whole system is a strap you tie and buckle down your surfboards on the car roof in any style that fits your needs. You can carry up to four short surfboards or three when they are long. And it works with any car – with a roof rack or not.

Curve Surfboard Soft Rack - Surfboard Car Racks for Travel (Set of 2)Buy on Amazon

7. Dorsal Tie Down Straps

Away from metals and bars, this is another high-quality fabric surfboard carrier without all the bulk and noise on the road. The buckle and buckle pads fasten and secure your surfboard so that you can travel for your sports activity without stress and worries.

The set of straps allows you to tie down your surfboards on the car, easy and simple. You can carry two boards on the vehicle with the straps. These straps can work on any already installed rack or the OEM bars.

DORSAL Surfboard Kayak SUP Surf Roof Rack Tie Down Straps 15 FT (2) BlackBuy on Amazon

8. Thule SUP Taxi

When you have a large and heavy surfboard, you need a carrier that matches. This rack design allows you to carry big surfboards going up to 34 inches in width. It also features a steel reinforcement to enhance security when traveling with your heavy board. You can as well carry stand up paddleboards on this small car fitting rack.

When mounting becomes your worry, this rack should solve your concerns. Use it on any type of round bars, OEM racks, and all roof racks from Thule. Its speed-link mounting helps you to mount the system worry-free without any special tools.

Thule 810001 SUP Taxi XT, One Size, Black/SilverBuy on Amazon

9. Lightweight Universal Roof Rack Pad

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This universal rack from Orion Motor Tech is a solution that fits most vehicles for your needs. It is universal, and you can use it anywhere without limitations. Whether or not your car has gutter should not be the problem or hindrance.

The rack is heavy-capacity to carry any type of surfboard, snowboard, paddleboard, or even canoe and kayaks. It supports boards up to 75 kilograms. As you might have noticed, you may carry so many boards on your vehicle with this versatile surfboard carrier.

10. Shuttle Box Carrier

Another surfboard carrier from Thule. The design works best for shuttles, and it features stainless steel material for enhanced durability. Like other surfboard carriers from the same company, Thule shuttle box carrier fits any roof rack design – all Thule racks, round, square and OEM bars.

This carrier has a dual-loading design fit for carrying two boards. It is also strong enough to carry large boards – as wide as 34 inches. The carrier comes with center straps and tie-down to enhance board security while you transport it.

Thule 811XT Board Shuttle SUP CarrierBuy on Amazon

In Summary

To make your surfing adventure easy, you need a way to carry your surfboard to the sea. Depending on the type of vehicle you intend to use, you will have to buy a roof rack that will enhance your surfboard transportation. In case you do not have a car, you can buy a portable strap and pad carrier and use it with any rental car.

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