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The Cowboy And Cowgirl Collection

The Cowboy and Cowgirl Collection

There are so many different types of cowboy and cowgirl collections. It is very entertaining to see all of the different fun ways to become a cowboy or cowgirl. Halloween especially is one of the best times ever to pair up with your partner or a friend and get the best looking cowboy and cowgirl outfits. Of course, there are other ways to have some fun like this, but you can do something simple as a few creative cowboy and cowgirl props.

Or, if you are really in the mood to have some fun – you can find the best looking cowboy and cowgirl costumes to boot. This collection is so much fun and it will also create priceless videos and memories.

The Perfect Cowboy and Cowgirl Party

First off – who does not love a party? Themed parties are even better, because you have all the decorations that need to be with the cowboy theme. You also need to think about all of the fun props you can add to a party. One of the main things to think about when you are going to host some type of party – you always need to think about where your guests are going to sit. Who wants to stand around all night and drink? I really fun way to have fun with this theme is to get hay bales and use them for seating.

You can create all sorts of different seating arrangements and you can even include blankets for those cowgirls who don’t want pay on their outfits.

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A fun prop for a cowboy and cowgirl party is going to be this set of six photo booth props. In the last few years renting a photo booth is becoming more and more common. Therefore a prop like this will be perfect. It is a six piece kit that can be used for weddings or birthdays. It is constructed with a heavyweight card stock and each of these props are attached with a 10 inch stick.

You can play games with these props or you can take photos. There are so many ways to entertain with these cowboy and cowgirl props.

The Cowboy and Cowgirl Collection - Photo Booth Props - Set of 6 Photobooth PropsBuy on Amazon

For those of you who love to have lots of fun with props – this Wild West Cowboy Western Photo Booth Props Party Kit has 41 pieces with wooden sticks and a “Strike a Pose” sign to post outside of the photo booth. This party Kit has lots of fun and it also has multiple props for everyone. On certain props you will find glitter to make the visual that more fun. The wooden props have adhesives, so putting together this party Kit is going to be easy. This is also a very affordable way to have some fun at your party.

Wild West Cowboy Western Photo Booth Props Party Kit, 41 Pieces with Wooden Sticks and Strike a Pose Sign by Outside the BoothBuy on Amazon

Cowboy and Cowgirl Photo Booths

Most would think that this photo booth prop would be just for children, but it is not. This is a fantastic way to create an area where you are able to take as many pictures as you want. It is really fun because the cowboy and cowgirl theme can be full in effect with this Western Cowboy Old West Livery Standee Standup Photo Booth Prop. It has the look of an old Western barn and it is easy to assemble.

This measures 9 feet high by 9’4” wide. This can be used for almost any type of party you can think of. It also can be reused, so the price of $189.99 is extremely reasonable.

Western Cowboy Old West Livery Standee Standup Photo Booth Prop Background Backdrop Party Decoration Decor Scene Setter Cardboard CutoutBuy on Amazon

Baby Showers

Most baby showers have a theme, but who can resist a little cowgirl theme with this Big Dot of Happiness Little Cowgirl photo booth prop? This is a 20 piece baby shower prop kit. This kit has high quality party supplies fit for a little cowgirl. The kid arrives ready to be assembled with wooden dowel sticks and adhesives. This kit is also made in the USA manufactured out of Wisconsin. The price is only $19.99 with free shipping through Amazon prime.

Big Dot of Happiness Pink Western Hoedown - Cowgirl Horse Party Photo Booth Props Kit - 20 CountBuy on Amazon


Yes, the cowboy theme is very popular when two people are getting married. This Meijiafei Dancing Cowgirl and Cowboy Pet Wedding Cake Topper is simply divine. This is one of the best wedding cake toppers ever! Anybody that is getting married with a pet will appreciate this wedding cake topper, because it is so unique. It is suitable for a 6 inch cake and this topper is only $15.99. This topper is great for a wedding cake, but this topper could be for any type of celebration. Even moving into a new home – this topper would look great.

Meijiafei Dancing Cowgirl and Cowboy with Pet Dog Wedding Family Cake TopperBuy on Amazon

If you are going to do a cowboy theme wedding – remember that an outdoor wedding with hay bales and large whiskey barrels with decorations on top would look amazing. You can do an outdoor wedding or an indoor wedding using the cowboy and cowgirl collection theme. Don’t forget lighting and always be sure that you have enough seating/food for the entire crowd. A good selection of food and beverages is a great way to keep your crowd happy and content.

If everybody is wearing cowboy boots, be sure that the flooring is going to be adequate and safe. No matter what you do – never forget music, because the last thing you want to have is bored guests.

As you can see this theme is popular and it is widely used across the entire world. Cowgirl costumes and cowboy costumes are also really popular for Halloween. The ability to find these types of collections is virtually anywhere. If you are looking for a specific type of cowgirl or cowboy piece – it is always recommended that you take your time doing an Internet search or if you are in an area that has a Western store, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

In special cases you may need to special order something, but for the most part – either in a Western store or online is going to be your best bet to piece together your perfect cowboy and cowgirl collection.

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