The Most Common Injuries after a Car Accident – Who to visit?

The Most Common Injuries after a Car Accident – Who to visit?

Accidents are common when one is on the road. From most severe accidents to the moderate ones, we are always at the risk of suffering from an injury and heading straight to a car accident doctorInjuries in car accidents can go from minor bruising to life-threatening and fatal accidents. Regardless of how bad automobile accidents are, you need to see a specialist who can examine you and treat you accordingly. However, you could be entitled to compensation from your insurance company if the other person was at fault for the accident. A doctor will help to safeguard your damages claim.

What does the severity of a car accident injury depend upon?

The severity of the injuries that you can sustain from a car accident may depend upon variable circumstances. Some of the most common factors the accident injuries will depend upon are:

  • Were you wearing a seatbelt at the time of the incident?
  • What was the direction your car got hit from?
  • What was the level of motion that you faced when the accident was taking place?
  • What was the speed at which your car hit?
  • Did the airbags respond?

If you can answer these questions, you know exactly the severity of the accident. The higher your vehicle interacts with another one, the higher the risk of having severe damage.

What are some of the most common injuries after a car accident?

Injuries after a Car Accident
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What comes after an accident? The injuries of course!

Even though the injuries depend entirely on how the car was hit, certain injuries are quite common and prevail in almost every accident. Despite being common, they are not negligible. You need to visit your car accident doctor as soon as you come to your senses after an accident.

Let’s discuss some of the most common injuries after a car accident.

·       Whiplash

Whiplash is one of the most frequently occurring injuries in a car accident and the commonness of this injury has led people to understand the depth of a whiplash injury. For those who don’t know, whiplash injury is caused due to a sudden to and fro movement in the neck that causes the soft tissues in the neck to tear apart causing intense pain as well as a reduced range of motion in the upper body.

The symptoms of a whiplash injury might day a day or so to become completely common but there is one thing that the severity of the injury completely depends on how sudden the jerk was. Immediately, you need to see the doctor and he will start the treatment from the most basic steps advancing towards more complicated treatment plans.

·       Cuts and Bruises

In a car crash, some loose items are thrown around the interior of the car automatically. These include cell phones, coffee cups, sunglasses, luggage, magazines, GPS systems equipped with windshield, etc. They can easily cut your skin or cause other injuries if any of those elements hit your body. Apart from that, in case of any glass breakage, there is a huge possibility that the glass can cut you off.

Scrapes and wounds are sometimes relatively small and do not require medical attention. More severe injuries can cause blood loss and stitches. If your airbag deploys in the accident, it may also contribute to injuries or scrapes.

·       Head Injuries

Head injuries can be of different types ranging from the more moderate ones to the severe ones that can cause memory issues. Any unexpected halt or a sudden change in the movement can cause your head to make unwanted movements. This might cause strains and pressure on the head as well as other body parts.

A moderate head collision can cause headaches or bruises on the head while the severe collisions can have an entirely different impact altogether. From closed head injuries to concussions, there can be a case of serious brain damage that can result in coma or memory loss.

·       Heart Attack

The chest is one of the body parts that are completely exposed to the glass and the sides of the car during an accident. Most serious injuries are connected with the chest area. Car accident blunt force trauma may result in the ribs being broken and lungs collapsed. Persons with heart diseases may suffer from traumatizing cardiac arrest. External chest bleeding may be an immediate problem after an injury. Internal organ injury, pelvis damage, and abdominal damage can also occur.

These injuries can be extremely dangerous and require serious medical attention. Even if you have not suffered from any form of heart attack, it is obvious that the heart rate is disturbed immensely. To clear the confusion, visit your doctor straight away.

·       Herniated Disc

The auto accident also triggers a herniated disc fracture to your spinal cord. The stress on the spinal column during a car collision could cause a spinal structure (called a disk) to move out of place, separating your backbones or vertebras. Sometimes these cuts are referred to as ruptured or slipping discs. These disc structures can push into the spinal canal and press against the back, the neck, the legs, and possible hand pain. You should see a doctor immediately if you have a sharp pain in your back, hip, shoulder, or foot following an accident.

·       Emotional Issues

Emotional Issues
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Emotional distress is another common injury after a car accident. People drive or drive with friends and family members in a vehicle most often. Serious car accidents will inflict emotional scars on those who have endured and seen grave injuries. Post-traumatic stress disorder and similar psychological effects are rather common through therapy and recovery.


Even if there is no external harm, it is still important to visit your doctor right after you suffer from a car accident. Regardless of the intensity of the injury, it is important to get a health analysis and see where you stand. It is also important that you visit a doctor who understands the problem and provides and long-term solution to the problem.

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