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8 Tips for Men to Increase Productivity

The world has turned into a busy place and there is hardly enough time to manage everything you planned. This is why having a routine in place can help you to better use your time and be efficient at work, as well as in private life. But doing so is not as boring as it sounds and you will be able to enjoy yourself along the way and feel great.
Therefore, try some of these tips for men to increase productivity to develop positive habits and create comfortable routines. They will approve your mindset and give you the motivation to lead a significantly productive life.

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1. Manage your time

Time management will help you to designate hours for work, fun and rest without creating chaos or having to sacrifice something. Start by setting priorities in your life and remove negative influences even if that means you need to shut out some people from your life. The idea is to create time blocks that will optimize your day, week and month giving you enough space to accomplish everything on your plate. And that means not wasting your time on things and people who don’t deserve it.

2. Don’t drag your feet in the morning

The moment you wake up in the morning – get it going. Do some stretches, prepare coffee, have breakfast, shower, shave and don’t waste any time right from the start. Besides being time-saving, you will also wake up more quickly and get your day going. Meditating in the morning is a great way to jump-start your day by reflecting on the positive things and calming down the nerves.

3. Start exercising regularly

Full-body lifting and cardio should be your routine to stay in shape and feel more invigorated. It’s best to exercise in the morning, but if that’s not an option, do it whenever you can, as long as it’s most days in the week. Exercise boosts masculinity and productivity at the same time making you feel better thanks to feel-good hormones produced during the workout. If you feel down or not in the mood, opt for running which will immediately get you in the mood to continue exercise and stick to your regime.

4. Eat better and healthier

A good diet plays an important role in improving your productivity since it will have you eating better and healthy. Say bye to high glycemic carbs and introduce the good ones into your diet like brown rice, quinoa, and sweet potato. Pay attention to fat intake and make sure you are eating 0.8g/lb of protein based on your bodyweight. This will keep your sugar levels under control since the higher it gets the more drowsy you will be and in turn less productive.

5. Make a day-list

A to-do list is something simple and yet very efficient to keep your productivity at its peak. Create one daily and every time you complete a task, check it off the list and proceed to the next. However, try not to go overboard with tasks since that can overwhelm you and hinder your motivation. So write down only the most important objectives of the day based on their urgency. Over time, you will get used to these tactics and start adding more things to your day-list and even set weekly goals.

6. Improve your focus

By figuring out when you feel most efficient will help you improve focus and keep you in top productivity. Don’t waste your time on objectives you have a hard time with and move to other tasks in your day. Of course, this means you have the flexibility to manage tasks the way you want, but if not try some other ways to improve your focus. Work outside, take frequent breaks to refresh your mind and go for a walk or stretch, but also eliminate obligations that only steal your energy and time.

7. Put social media on pause

Unplugging from social media is a good way to manage your time and nerves. Avoid checking your accounts during the working hours and an hour before bedtime. The latter will help you go to sleep more quickly and give you quality 8hours of shuteye every night necessary to regenerate body and mind. A person can spend hours on news feeds, likes and comments on social media which leads to tiredness, agitation and less time to be productive. So, instead, opt for face-to-face conversations with your colleagues or a myriad of creative activities that will boost your mood and self-esteem more.

8. Let natural light into your home

Natural light improves the mood and keeps you on your toes so make sure you have enough of it in your home. Go for the largest balcony door even if you don’t own a terrace to make your apartment bigger and let more light in. Live heavy drapes for the evenings and opt for curtains that will allow sunlight into the room. Low sun exposure leads to low productivity so make sure your home is open to natural light to stay alert and focused.
In the end
Try one or two of these tips to increase productivity and when you feel comfortable enough, start adopting the rest. Being productive will help you be successful at work and a better friend, partner, and father, as well as improve your self-esteem and motivation to lead a healthier life.

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