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Why Are Online Casinos Growing In Popularity?

Online casinos have been around for more than 20 years at this point. They are no longer the new kid on the block. They have been around long enough for a golden nugget online casino bonus code to be one of the most popular out there. How have they managed to become such a popular pastime for people, to the point where more people use online casinos than the number of people who use regular brick and mortar casinos? There are a number of reasons why and we have put together the most important factors that are leading to the continued growth of online casinos.

Ease Of Use

 There have always been a lot of people out there who would quite like to go to a casino, but were not able to. Whether they were unable to afford the stakes required or they were unable to have the time needed to visit properly, there are a lot of reasons why a visit was not on the cards. Online casinos have removed a lot of those issues.

In particular, with the introduction of the new so-called “Bitcoin Casinos”, we saw the gambling industry changing drastically, offering a new way to play casino online or via mobile in a more safer and anonymous way. You can find here a list of the top Bitcoin Casinos you should try.

Firstly, the required stakes are significantly lower at online casinos when you factor in that there are no additional costs required to visit one. It means that travel costs and other associated outgoings do not come into play when using an online casino. This combined with the offer of promotions and bonuses from the casino itself means that players have a larger bankroll available to them at an online casino and can then play as much as they like.

Secondly, the ability to spread the play out over a longer period of time also makes using an online casino much easier. A brick and mortar casino will often be a special trip which requires a small vacation, using an online casino means you can spread out your bankroll over a much longer period of time. This leads to fewer rushed bets and a more measured playing approach.

Finally, the improvement in technology is also related to how easy online casinos are to use. The significant improvements in online casino technology has lead to rapid levels of growth over the last ten years. This is because people can easily access an online casino almost anywhere in the modern world, giving people the opportunity to play around their own schedules.

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Rise Of Mobile Devices

 Mobile devices have also had a huge impact on the growth of online casinos. At the start of the 2000s they were a technology that was starting to become mainstream. By the beginning of the 2010s they had changed into a vital device that almost everyone had. This was mirrored by the way that online casinos operated. As mobile browsers and mobile internet started to become the norm rather than the exception, so did mobile versions of websites.

This continued with online casinos who started to develop their own mobile websites as well as specific mobile apps. The development of these tools meant that players who had a mobile device could play anywhere they liked, which in turn allowed people to further play on their own schedule. Added to this was the start of using more mobile friendly development tools so that new games that were developed where mobile friendly, as opposed to some of the older titles which were not compatible with mobile devices. Players were also attracted to the fact that winnings were not lowered on mobile games, so the potential prizes were the same no matter where they played.

This helped the online casino industry to a very fast level of growth, that is expected to continue growing by up to 20% over the next five years. Mobile devices are not the only technological reason behind the growth of online casinos though.

Live Dealer Games

 Live dealer games are one of the biggest innovations to ever hit online casinos. A mix of live streaming and traditional casino table games, live dealer games give players the real life casino experience without having to leave the comfort of their homes. They way that they work is very simple. The player first needs to log into the game. Once this is done the game will load. What happens next is very similar to a video call. The live dealer will appear on the screen and the player will be able to both see and hear them. The software that deals with the game is used to communicate all players commands, such as stakes and bets, and then the live dealer will carry them out. Players also have access to a chat box where they can communicate with the live dealer and they will respond to them during the course of the game. Live dealer games have been a huge hit and are a big reason why players who love playing at casinos have started to use online casinos.

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