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Blunt Force Hammer

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Hardcore Hammers is the creation of two carpenters who after 16 years on the job, had enough of working with mediocre tools. They put their heads together and came up with the perfect, most durable, most hardcore hammer on the market. The Blunt Force Hardcore Hammer is no exception. It’s a smooth-faced hammer generally used for trim carpentry, but this one is hardy enough for framing.

What Makes Hardcore Hammers so Hardcore?
Hardcore Hammers recessed milled traction surface grips only the nail. The smooth outer rim protects the traction surface from striking anything but the nail, improving resistance to wear. The smooth outer rim also protects fingers and thumbs from injury from the waffle. Hardcore Hammers offer a striking surface unparalleled by any other framing hammer available and the traction surface wears longer than any conventional milled face. Hardcore Hammers provides all the advantages of both smooth face and milled face hammers.

Anatomy of a Hardcore Hammer:

  • 19 oz head provides optimum balance for greater control.
  • Oversized handle sleeve provides overstrike protection from missed nails for a longer lasting handle.
  • Magnetized nail slots on the top and bottom for more versatile one-handed starting.
  • Straightened claw ideal for pulling tough nails and ripping boards apart.
  • Genuine American 18-inch hickory handle ideal for framing carpenters.
  • Patent-pending smooth outer rim protects material (and fingers) from sharp points.
  • Patent-pending hardened steel recessed traction surface grips nail only, reducing chipping while providing superior nail-gripping power.

**The Blunt Force Hammer may vary in color**