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Jack Daniel's Whiskey Barrel Writing Pen

$ 62.00


William Faulkner once said, “Civilization begins with distillation.” We like to think he was talking about these beautiful hand-crafted pens constructed from amber-colored toasted and charred Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrels. Jack Daniel’s craftsmen carefully toast and char the inside of each barrel to caramelize the wood’s natural sugars. The whisky matures in the barrels for years– expanding into the wood during the summer heat, and retracting with the cooler temperatures– developing its amber color. In constructing the pens, Jason paired the wood with a beautiful antique brass nib, clip and accents to truly complete this work of art. This pen is big and beefy– its rounded styling allows it to rest snugly in your hand with minimal pressure from your fingers and features an extremely smooth twist mechanism. The pen comes in a gift box tied with a ribbon, free ink cartridge refill, and a certificate of authenticity that the pen was crafted from a Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrel.