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Bourbon Buffet


Bourbon Buffet

Robert Lock impressed us months ago with his popular Tequila Buffet™, now he’s reemerged from his studio with something a little sweeter, darker and more southern—the Bourbon Buffet™.

Bourbon was declared by congress in 1964 as “a Distinctive product of the United States.” As defined by this official congressional act: “It must be aged in new Charred oak barrels.” This procedure is how it gains its color and flavor due to the caramelized sugars in the wood.

Robert Lock set out after numerous requests to create the perfect serving platter for this superb liquor. Crafted from oak timbers reclaimed from barns built since the turn of the century, he selected woods with character which can only be created from a century of existence.

After much trial and error it was time to select the perfect finish…The flavor of the Bourbon Buffet ™ was derived from that same charred oak tradition. No added color, simply an extreme oxidation by fire. Top coated with a varnish/oil sealer and buffed to a beautiful satiny finish revealing auburn streaks of color. It sits comfortably next to a bottle of fine Bourbon and its distinguished aficionado.

Each Bourbon Buffet ™ is unique, the character of each piece of wood is random and cannot be duplicated and such is the art of The Bourbon Buffet™.

  • Why
    Locku2019s ability to transform wood into art is a product of three decades of experience designing furniture, cabinet making and replicating historic millwork with European craftsmen in the finest woodworking shops of Chicago.
  • You Should Know
    The 1 1/2-inch thick board is a 1/2-foot wide and 20 inches across. Comes with two glasses, ice dish and tongs. The bourbon bottle notch perfectly fits a 750ml bottle of Makers Mark.
  • Small Stuff
    Whiskey not included. We figure you have that already.
  • Who You Are Supporting:
    By purchasing this product you are supporting North Carolina



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