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Cloister Liquid Honey


Cloister Liquid Honey

Honey is one of nature’s luxuries. It takes thousands of bees and countless hours to produce an twelve-ounce bottle of liquid gold – no wonder honey was prized by ancient emperors. The flavorful sweetness of raw, natural southern honey is a true delicacy. If you’re someone who appreciates the simple pleasures of life, we invite you to experience Cloister Honey.

Choose from one of three delicious infused duos: Arbol Chili and Chipotle Pepper, Vanilla and Bourbon, or Double Bourbon.

100% pure wildflower honey is carefully chosen for its sweetness and color then combined with the purest ingredients for enhanced delight.  These honeys are good with any cheese or you can use them as a glaze for meats and vegetables.

Arbol Chili Pepper: This tasty infusion brings the pleasure of combined heat and sweet to every dish.
Chipotle Pepper: Enjoy a subtle, smokey flavor — with a little bite of heat.
Bourbon: You guessed it — your new favorite honey infused with delicious, smooth bourbon.
Vanilla: Adds a smooth, bright sweetness to the simplest of foods.


  • Why
    Cloister Honey is dedicated to preserving the incredible flavor and healthful benefits of nature's gold. They attend to the hives, observe the behavior of the bees, follow a time-sensitive harvesting process and carefully transfer the honey from the hive to the bottle.
  • You Should Know
    This labor of love is entirely different from what happens with mass-produced, supermarket honey. And weu2019re certain you will taste the difference.
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    Ships USPS within 1-3 days; $9
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    1 - 3 business days.
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    By purchasing this product you are supporting North Carolina



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