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Jack Daniel’s Spent 50 Caliber Machine Gun Cartridge Pen

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Best Seller

Jack Daniel’s Spent 50 Caliber Machine Gun Cartridge Pen

1 Review

The word is mightier than the machine gun!  This unique Whiskey Barrel Machine Gun Cartridge Pen is an authentic once-fired 50 caliber brass machine gun bullet cartridge and constructed using a Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrel.

Jack Daniel’s craftsmen carefully toast and char the inside of each barrel to caramelize the wood’s natural sugars. The whisky matures in the barrels for years– expanding into the wood during the summer heat, and retracting with the cooler temperatures– developing its amber color.

This pen is big and beefy– its rounded styling allows it to rest snugly in your hand with minimal pressure from your fingers and features an extremely smooth twist mechanism.

The pen comes in a gift box tied with a ribbon, free ink cartridge refill, and a certificate of authenticity that the pen was crafted from a Jack Daniels whiskey barrel.

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  • Why
    Not only will your pen be a one of a kind keepsake, it's a perfect gift for the outdoorsman, military or hunting enthusiast in your life.
  • You Should Know
    You won't smell the whisky in your pen, but you'll wish you were in the workshop when Jason cuts into the huge barrels. The sweet smell fills his shop. You could get drunk from the fumes!
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Customer Reviews

  1. (verified owner)

    Bought this pen for my husband last year and buying my son one this year. Amazing product, amazing company. Highly recommend buying from this company.

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