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Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

Shake it up at cocktail hour with this unique four-piece Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker that harkens to American eras past.

The Mason Shaker® is a unique Mason Jar cocktail shaker created by W&P Design, a design and manufacturing firm founded by two best friends raised in the south. The concept for the Mason Shaker® was developed from an obsession with vintage kitchenware (Josh) and an uncanny ability to fashion impromptu drinking tools at a moment’s notice (Eric). After one too many mint juleps poured from a poorly-modified Mason Jar one summer, the idea for a better (and cooler) cocktail shaker hit them like a double shot of bourbon. The Mason Shaker® was born.

Materials: Glass, high quality stainless steel and a shot of southern sensibility

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  • Vendor:
    Bourbon & Boots
    Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Why
    It's just like that scene from "Cocktail" you've always wanted to recreate...only cooler.
  • You Should Know
    The Mason Jar Cocktail drink possibilities are endless. We recommend a vodka gimlet, cosmopolitan, mint julep or a gin fizz to start.
  • Small Stuff
    Ships via USPS 2-3 Day Priority Mai; $8.95
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    By purchasing this product you are supporting Arkansas


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