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Best Seller

Mother Shucker Hand-Forged Oyster Knife


Best Seller

Mother Shucker Hand-Forged Oyster Knife

“Oyster Culture” is about bringing people together according to Michael and Kirk of Carolina Shuckers. Imagine sitting in the backyard with a few friends…popping open an oyster with one of these beauties, adding a splash of lemon juice and a dash of cocktail sauce, and letting it slide down. There’s laughing….and storytelling…and cold beer. Oyster Culture, like they said.

These beautiful (and ominous-looking) oyster knives are made from salvaged, high-carbon steel railroad spikes. They conform to your hand like a precision instrument. They are an outstanding example of craftsmanship, functionality, and art.

*Photos courtesy of Dylan Ray

  • Why
    Think Dad would like one of these or a new tie? I think you know the answer to that.rn
  • You Should Know
    Their passion for art, food , and the rich North Carolina coastal heritage fuels the creation of these custom, hand-forged oyster knives. They are treasures meant to be handed down for future generations to enjoy.rn
  • Small Stuff
    All the twists in the design are in the perfect place, not just for looks, but also because they serve a function for the hand grip.
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