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Best Seller

Wine Bottle Wind Chimes


Best Seller

Wine Bottle Wind Chimes

Repurposing bottles into stylish items became Groovy Green’s passion after beginning as just an experiment in a Myrtle Beach garage. Enjoy their efforts with these nifty wine bottle wind chimes. Each one is built with a silver colored brass chain and a wooden knocker. The bottles are cut twice and then polished as smooth as possible.

After breaking what seemed to be a ton of bottles, they spawned a method that allowed used wine bottles to be repurposed and upcycled, and formed a partnership with area restaurants to turn glass bottles that would be headed to the landfill into beautiful items.

According to Groovy, “Glass takes over a million years to break down in a landfill. Since there is no safer product to contain food and drinks, we felt that these bottles deserved a second chance.”

Based on an online energy calculator, for every 50 cases of wine bottles that are kept out of a landfill by repurposing, we are saving:

  • 2.7 cubic meters of landfill space
  • 328 kwh of energy (enough to light 1.1 houses every month)
  • 1, 660 liters of water
  • Permanently removing the impact of 1.2 cars on the road

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  • Why
    You may find others that claim to upcycle glass bottles, but their quality lacks. Groovy actually raises the bar. Seriously, with a motto of "Drink straight from the bottle," how can you go wrong?
  • You Should Know
    In 2011, Groovy Green Glass saved more than 16,000 bottles from ending up in the landfill.
  • Small Stuff
    Glass color shades will vary and chime sounds a bit different; Shipping, $15
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    5 - 7 business days.
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