10 Daily Habits of a Bulletproof Husband

Becoming a bulletproof husband can seem daunting at first. After all, there are no set rules to follow or certain guidelines to adhere to. It’s an art, and like any art form, it requires dedication, consistency, and commitment to make it work. And when you become a “bulletproof husband,” you will be well-rewarded in your marriage.

In this article, I will share 10 of my very own daily habits that I have adopted over time that have helped me to become a bulletproof husband. I’ll also provide some anecdotes to illustrate how they have made an impact on my marriage.

What Are the Qualities of a Bulletproof Husband?

What is a bulletproof husband? It’s a term used to describe a special kind of man who lives his life by certain values and practices that help him become the best version of himself, striving to become an uncompromising protector of those he loves and deeply committed to his mission in life.

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To be clear, this isn’t just an imaginary construct. A bulletproof husband is a real person, living out his values in tangible ways. We can look at this concept from both outside and inside perspectives — from an outward perspective, we can identify strong characteristics that define what it means to be a bulletproof husband, such as God-fearing manhood and unswerving commitment to humility and service. From an inward perspective, we can focus on the daily habits that will help us become more bulletproof husbands, such as prayerful reflection, spending time outdoors with God’s creation, intentional conversations with loved ones, and more.

My journey towards becoming a bulletproof husband began one sunny day when my wife spontaneously told me about this concept she was learning about from her Bible study group for married women. The idea enthralled me — it seemed like the perfect way for me to tap into my strengths as leader/protector of our marriage and find practical ways to live out my callings as her partner in all areas of life. At first, I didn’t think I had anything valuable or meaningful that I could contribute as a “bulletproof man”; however, over time, I discovered 10 practical daily habits that not only made me feel better prepared for marriage but also helped me develop lasting relationships with others around me – including strangers, old friends, colleagues and higher authorities such as parents or bosses.

Daily Habits

The path to becoming a bulletproof husband isn’t always easy, but with a few simple daily habits, it doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think.

I learned this the hard way when I was first developing my own habits as a bulletproof husband. Through trial and error, I eventually found the habits that worked for me.

This section will feature a few of my favorite anecdotes about my personal journey toward becoming a bulletproof husband, as well as the daily habits that helped me get there.

Pray and Meditate

Prayer and meditation are essential to strengthening our faith and renewing positive attitudes. In addition to connecting us with God, prayer and meditation can relax us, give us perspective on a troublesome situation, and remind us of our purpose in life. Ignoring these spiritual practices can negatively impact our relationship with God and have adverse effects on our relationships with others.

Ideally, I should spend time each day in prayer and meditation to get closer to God. Some days it is hard enough just to keep up with everything else on my plate that this important spiritual discipline falls by the wayside. Other times I may only feel like barely going through the motions instead of actually meditating or praying deeply on the matters of my heart and those around me.

So instead of making a world-changing resolution about daily spiritual practice for an entire month, let’s start small: ten minutes of focused prayer each day for one week. Let this time become part of my regular rhythm – even if it takes place during the busiest part of the day – before work, after work, or in the car during lunch break – I will choose to be intentional about praying every single day. Praying Scripture aligns my heart and mind with God’s Word while also helping me verbalize specific requests or concerns in my heart related to marriage or other important topics like finances, family, or career. Committing myself each day to spending ten focused minutes in prayer helps me stay connected spiritually while providing strength to remain a “bulletproof husband” devoted to building his marriage, family, and career!

Speak with Kindness

Speaking with kindness is a cornerstone of the art of becoming a bulletproof husband. In my experience, I have found that understanding the power of my words has had a profound effect on how I present myself to others and my own state of being. A key idea is to recognize that how we say something can be just as impactful – if not more so – than what we say. Utilizing words with intention can help in spreading goodwill, healing painful thoughts, and fostering trust within relationships.

The simple formula for success is this: speak with kindness, listen actively, and share openly. This will help build stronger connections with your spouse and those around you. Being overly critical or judgmental won’t get us anywhere; rather, it creates hostility between the two of us in our marriage relationship. Conversely, when one is truly kind in their communication attempts, it yields endless possibilities for mutual celebration and growth as a couple.

In addition to speaking with kind words in conversation, incorporating gestures such as sweet compliments or little surprises can be a great way to lighten up any negative tone present in your marriage relationship. Here are just a few ideas that may assist you in developing an attitude of cherished kindness: leaving sweet notes around the house for one another; surprising your husband/wife with flowers before work; taking time to write down five inspirational mantras each day; investing time into showing gratitude towards everyday habits; and expressing love even when a disagreement arises by simply touching your spouse’s hand or allowing them to finish their statement free from your own rebuttal or comment. Try these out!

Listen Intently

As a bulletproof husband, listening intently is one of the most important daily habits to practice. Being supportive means being an active listener and putting aside your own agenda to give your wife the opportunity to express how she’s feeling. Taking the time to truly listen will not only build up her trust in you but will also be more satisfying for both of you in any problem that arises.

It’s important to understand that listening is more than just hearing what’s being said. Being an effective listener means you need to be emotionally present and open-minded enough to perceive and interpret the feelings behind your wife’s words. This doesn’t necessarily have to be in person; it can also be done over text or even over the phone if physical distance is involved. It takes effort and attentiveness, but it still works if done right!

To enhance your listening skills, take a moment before responding and examine what your wife said without jumping straight into solutions or criticism; this will show her that her opinion matters and provide an opportunity for true connection. The balance between understanding her words while considering possible solutions simultaneously can provide powerful results, with both parties coming away with something they can use going forward.

Listening intently may seem like a softer skill from the outside looking in — which some may not prefer — but as any bulletproof husband would tell you, it truly betters every relationship tenfold when tailored properly for each situation.

Show Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love is the foundation of a successful, blessed marriage, and being a bulletproof husband means showing unconditional love even in difficult or challenging times. This can be easier said than done, but God has grace and mercy for us to do that which would be impossible within our own strength.

A key aspect of unconditional love is respecting your wife’s opinions and desires. When she speaks, it is important to listen carefully and respond with understanding and respect. Try to find ways of making things work that she wants, even if it isn’t your preference. This reassures her of the unity of two bodies becoming one and establishes trust between the two of you. Additionally, make sure both of you set aside quality time together on a consistent basis. Communication strengthens your bond and should be listened to without interruption or judgment- instead, emphasize understanding one another’s feelings in order for points of view to be better appreciated! This commitment will set you apart as a bulletproof husband doing miles ahead of most husbands out there!

The art of becoming a bulletproof husband takes an honest day’s effort every single time, no matter how difficult it may get! Acknowledge when you have made a mistake – admit fault gracefully when appropriate – and forgive yourself when necessary. Pride can only lead us down paths we don’t want to go down, so humility is key in learning how to forgive and to put love first more often than not- even before yourself at times! Pray together with your wife every day – making chore lists away from each other – the number one reminder here: more love, less hate! May God bless all efforts put into being an outstanding bulletproof husband!

Exercise and Eat Healthy

Exercising and eating healthy are two things I like to do every single day that makes me feel strong, confident, and more productive. First, when it comes to exercising, it doesn’t have to be anything too dramatic or difficult. It can be something as simple as taking a 30-minute walk every morning before work or doing 30 minutes of yoga at night before bed. All exercise helps to build strength and endurance while also promoting overall health.

In addition to exercising regularly, it is important to make sure you are eating nutritious foods that provide your body with the nutrients it needs. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins like chicken or fish, dairy products like yogurt and milk, and whole grains such as oatmeal and brown rice; are all great sources of energy that will keep you energized throughout the day. Eating right will also help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, which will, in turn, help control appetite cravings and make sure your mental state stays on track throughout the day.

By incorporating exercise into my daily routine combined with making sure I’m eating healthy meals three times a day (including snacks!) I make sure that I am always at my best mentally so that I can be a strong leader for my family!

Show Gratitude

Each and every day, a bulletproof husband should be mindful of the importance of showing appreciation to their partner. This simple act can make all the difference in strengthening your relationship. Expressing gratitude not only shows your partner how much they’re appreciated, but it also brightens up their day and encourages them to keep going, leading to further growth in your relationship.

Seeing the little things that your loved one does for you can often go unnoticed, so by expressing your thanks for those moments, you are strengthening that bond with them whilst making them feel valued and appreciated. Additionally, practicing regular gratefulness will not only help you be thankful for what you have but assist in eliminating the feeling of entitlement which is everywhere present in today’s society and can negatively affect relationships if left unchecked.

Additionally, don’t forget to express appreciation for yourself by taking time to recognize what makes you unique and lovable – as if it is not important enough to recognize it from someone else! Showing gratitude not just towards others but also towards yourself gives confidence when needed most, leading a bulletproof husband’s relational partnership with themselves as well to a deeper level of intimacy.

Therefore start incorporating this habit into your daily life: remind yourself (or better yet, remind each other) about things often taken for granted, and thank God each morning for just being alive! Look around – You are loved!

Show Respect

As a bulletproof husband, it is important to show respect not just to your wife but also to yourself and to all those around you. This means that in interactions with others, you should attempt to cultivate an attitude of respect even if the other person is wrong or has done something that causes hurt or pain. Respect should include the following elements:

  • Listen with intent. Rather than responding out of impulse or anger, try to allow people a chance to express their feelings and thoughts fully before interjecting their own opinion. Giving someone a chance to explain their stance helps create mutual understanding as well as respect.
  • Speak kindly instead of harshly. When speaking of others, be sure not to resort to sarcasm or name-calling – this only serves to create a divide between different sides instead of fostering unity and goodwill. Additionally, ensure that your tone in conversations is respectful and that you avoid any words or phrases which could offend people.
  • Honor each person’s opinions, feelings, and ideas. Even when someone has an opposing view from your own, respect their right for it by listening intently and thoughtfully considering, rather than arguing against them immediately with personal attacks or any form of mockery. This also applies when you are discussing issues as a couple – be open-minded about giving each other room for differences in opinions and avoid being judgmental at all times. Doing so can help foster greater understanding between both parties involved in the discussion, creating an environment based on mutual trust and respect instead of judgment or criticism.
  • Provide emotional support as needed: Show concern for those who need it even if they don’t necessarily agree with what you have said earlier on – this helps remind them that their opinion matters too, despite the contrast from yours, and engenders a sense of care amongst everyone interacting in the conversation; thus reinforcing elements of respect within the society we live in today!

Set Boundaries

When it comes to setting boundaries and living a healthy lifestyle, there are few better methods than forming habits. Every day should begin with setting boundaries that allow you to become the best version of yourself.

Setting boundaries is often difficult, especially when you’re married, compromise is in order, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the responsibilities marriage entails. To make sure those boundaries around your marriage stay in place, start by establishing personal goals for yourself and then taking steps each day towards those goals. Respect your own limits and set a timetable for when you plan on achieving them. Don’t forget about small rewards along the way—which could be anything from taking a break from role-play for one night or perhaps booking an appointment for yourself at the salon or barber shop.

It is also helpful to have an accountability buddy — someone who will help keep track of when your boundaries are challenged and hold you accountable for sticking by them. This could be a family member or friend who understands what you’re going through as they, too, set their own personal boundaries. Having another person who understands your struggles can give both of you perspective and help reinforce how important setting healthy boundaries is to being bulletproof husbands — on both individual levels, as well as collectively as men within relationships with our wives and partners overall.

Make Time for Fun

As a bulletproof husband, making time for fun is an important part of keeping your marriage strong. Fun activities can help strengthen your relationship and spark conversations that otherwise wouldn’t be had. It’s important to set aside a regular date night with your wife, whether it be once a week or once a month–you can even take turns organizing trips together or day-long excursions.

I’m always amazed and inspired by the couples I know who have dates every single week. I could never keep up with them! But, it seems that consistency makes all the difference for these couples in terms of not only having fun but also avoiding any rifts in their relationship. Personally, my wife and I make a point to set up at least one date each month. Sometimes we’ll go out to dinner and then go dancing afterward; other times, we’ll go shopping (she loves clothes). Whatever the activity is, it adds an incredibly valuable layer to our marriage.

Something else that can be genuinely fun while also helping strengthen your bond is weekend getaways or longer-term vacations together. Taking trips gives you both much-needed time away from all of life’s distractions, allowing you to enjoy incredible experiences together while recharging your batteries as well as further deepening your connection with each other. Don’t be afraid to get creative if you feel like something different — surprise her with tickets for a weekend cruise, plan a spontaneous sunset hike or picnic at the beach–just keep looking for enjoyable moments together!

Relationships require dedication and work, but when embraced correctly and contended for rightly with integrity & intentionality, coupled with some intentional fun & ongoing exploration as iron sharpens iron – marriages & relationships will no doubt experience abundant joy resulting in lifelong commitment & fruitfulness—embracing & becoming The Art Of Becoming A Bulletproof Husband!

Be Selfless

As a bulletproof husband, it’s important to always practice selflessness and put the needs of your family before your own. Not only does this help to foster better relationships with loved ones, but it also demonstrates “servant leadership” – a concept in which a leader serves their subjects as a steward instead of a master.

A great way to hone this quality is through selfless acts on a daily basis. Showing kindness towards loved ones can be as simple as writing encouraging notes, running errands for them, or providing practical help with everyday tasks. Additionally, try volunteering in childcare or tutoring centers and lend your time and skills in ways that are meaningful for others.

It is also important to avoid selfish tendencies such as engaging in unnecessary gossip or taking credit for someone else’s work. A bulletproof husband will always strive to think of the good of his family first and maintain humility and modesty even when success comes his way. Finally, try practicing random acts of kindness whenever possible by performing duties that may seem small but can go far in bringing joy to those around you.


By developing these 10 daily habits, you can set yourself up to become a bulletproof husband. From being emotionally supportive to being open to the hurdles, these habits can help you grow spiritually and emotionally. Along with adhering to the habits, you should also remember to connect with God regularly and ask for His help and guidance.

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Remember, with God’s grace and by following these habits; you can become the best version of yourself in your marriage.

Anecdotes of Becoming a Bulletproof Husband

Throughout my journey of becoming a bulletproof husband, I have learned countless lessons both through my personal experiences and by observing those around me. One of the most significant experiences I have had was during the time of my wife’s illness. At that stage in our marriage, I had already been intentionally working on becoming a better husband for years but during this time, I learned some valuable lessons about loving, providing, protecting, and being selfless as a provider that allowed us to come out of this hardship stronger than ever before.

Something else that stands out to me is how much value can be found in learning from those who have gone before us and taken the path to make their marriages bulletproof. One particular couple that has greatly influenced me is Hannah and John, who shared with me how they applied ten foundational daily habits into their lives to create an atmosphere of abundance within both their marriage and family life; implementing these habits helped them continuously renew the connection and bond between them even through difficulty or hard times.

The habits they shared include communication, respect & appreciation; prayer & study; planning & goals; date nights; housekeeping/gift giving; developing personal interests; fun time/leisure time; scheduling couple time; learning each other’s love language; and creating an ‘us-only’ atmosphere. It has now been over eight years since they first shared these with me and while growing together as husband & wife with God at the center of their union – it will remain something I am eternally thankful for because it has set a precedent for many others like myself striving towards becoming a bulletproof husband in 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important habits of a bulletproof husband?

The most important habits of a bulletproof husband are being a prayerful man, being a positive role model, taking responsibility for his actions, being a good listener, staying humble, being honest and trustworthy, having a strong spiritual foundation, practicing self-discipline, being an encourager, and being a protector.

What does it mean to be a prayerful man?

Being a prayerful man means having an ongoing conversation with God in order to stay connected to Him and grow in faith. It also means being mindful of the needs of others and being willing to intercede on their behalf.

How can I practice self-discipline?

Practicing self-discipline means setting achievable goals and developing a plan to reach them. It also means having the courage to stay focused on the goals and not giving in to temptations or distractions.

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