4 Family-Friendly Amusement Parks

Amusement parks can be a fantastic way to get out of the house and provide some fun for the kids of the family. Children will absolutely cherish the opportunity to ride roller coasters and play games all day, making them extremely happy. In addition, you’ll love the opportunity to get away from everyday life, putting tasks like selling one of the Little Rock houses for sale and your job on hiatus and in the back of your mind. That being said, not every amusement park is family-friendly, and some simply aren’t suited for kids. So what amusement parks can provide your whole family with appropriate fun? Here are four family-friendly amusement parks that you should definitely consider going to.

Disney Magic Kingdom

When people think of family-friendly amusement parks, Disney’s Magic Kingdom is usually the first theme park that comes to mind. Disney’s Magic Kingdom is a classic theme park, one that even makes adults feel like kids. There are so much nostalgia and fun in the theme park, that’s it’s hard not to feel overjoyed. The park has plenty of kid-friendly rides, rides that aren’t too intense for the younger kids in the family. However, Disney’s Magic Kingdom still has a few coasters like Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Splash Mountain for the older kids. In addition to the great rides, the Magic Kingdom is also home to your favourite Disney characters. Here you can meet and spend time with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and all of your Disney friends, something that is the perfect activity for young children. If you’re looking for an amusement park to take your kids too, then Disney’s Magic Kingdom should be at the top of your list.


Something that nearly all kids love is playing with Legos. Legos are extremely popular among children for a variety of reasons, namely due to the fact that they’re so fun to play with and can allow children to express themselves creatively. After some success, the Lego company built its own theme park revolving around Legos, a park meant to provide entertainment and creative expression to children, just like the product does. At Legoland, the rides have an appearance of Lego structures, with each ride correlating specific Lego sets released in the past. These rides are not too intense, making them perfect for small children that can be easily scared. Outside of rides, Legoland has plenty of educational and learning tools, ranging from lego construction projects to interactive exhibits. If you want a theme park that can allow your children to have fun, express themselves, and learn something, then Legoland is a perfect option.

Knotts Berry Farm

A lesser-known amusement park known for being family-friendly is Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA. Knott’s may not sound like an exhilarating amusement park just from the name, but it is actually a very high-quality amusement park. The park has humble beginnings, being started as a roadside berry farm in the 1920s, slowly gaining in size as more amenities were added. Today Knott’s has transformed into an amazing amusement park, primarily off of the back of their ability to entertain a younger audience. Attractions like Camp Snoopy have entertained kids for years now, ensuring that they’re fully satisfied with their visit to the park. On top of that, Knott’s has plenty of attractions and rides for the adults as well, meaning the whole family has something to look forward to when coming to Knott’s


Another great amusement park for the whole family is HersheyPark in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Your children probably already know and love Hershey from their chocolate, so convincing them to visit this theme park should be no problem. Hershey’s chocolate theme carries over into the park’s design, as you’ll find it prevalent throughout the park. The amusement park also has plenty of kiddie rides, ensuring that even the youngest of children have something to look forward to. Adults and older children shouldn’t worry too much, as there are still plenty of adult rides and events throughout the park. To top the trip off, you can enjoy some chocolate and participate in Hershey’s chocolate world tour. HersheyPark is great fun for the entire family, and you should strongly consider it as a top amusement park destination.

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