5 Procedures That Cannot Be Replaced By Home Care

Advertising offers us the opportunity to get rid of wrinkles and tighten the oval of the face with the help of newfangled creams, massage, and taping. These can all be an important part of home care to help you look fresher and younger. However, in the arsenal of cosmetologists, there are those procedures that cannot be replaced by any creams, massages, and other rituals.

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SMAS lifting

The procedures that fall into this category are not named so by chance. They work on the same layer as plastic surgeons, the SMAS layer. This has a fairly strong effect, which includes work with the skin, subcutaneous fat, mimic muscles, and fascia (ligaments). Face fitness often claims to work with this deep layer. However, its “zone of influence” is the muscle layer, and in order to maintain the result, you need to practice daily.

SMAS lifting is one of the few techniques that affect exactly the true ligaments that are attached to both the skin and the skull. Due to their stretching, bags under the eyes, cheeks, and deep nasolabial folds are formed. By strengthening these fasciae, you can “fix” the face for a long time and prevent it from “sliding off.”

The principle of this procedure is deep heating of the dermis. Thermal exposure stimulates the synthesis of new collagen. Due to this, the ligaments are strengthened and tightened, and the density of the skin increases. The result of such a procedure will increase within a month. It is then that we will see the maximum result of the transformation.

Needle RF Lifting

It is a technique that’s currently on the wave of popularity. Among the methods of needle RF-lifting, there are those that, after the first procedure, give a pronounced tightening effect. The skin is warmed up with the help of radio waves at a given depth. Energy is supplied through microneedles, so the temperature effect in this case can be quite high without negative consequences for the affected area.

RF lifting is a stimulating procedure. Thanks to it, the production of new collagen is enhanced. As an alternative to her home care, collagen creams are often offered. However, they only work on the surface, providing a temporary effect of smooth, tight skin.

Doctors are very fond of needle RF lifting because it can be used to work even with delicate areas, such as the décolleté, neck, and eyelids. It is enough to choose the device settings suitable for them.

Thanks to this procedure, you can get rid of pigmentation rosacea and significantly improve your complexion.

Of course, you have met a lot of cosmetics against age spots or dilated blood vessels. However, in fact, they can only prevent their occurrence. And then, if we are talking about professional or pharmacy creams.

Some external preparations can remove surface pigment, but they cannot radically solve the problem. Often, areas of pigmentation lie in the deep layers of the skin, and they can be removed only with the help of hardware techniques. Already existing manifestations of rosacea are also not amenable to external treatment, especially if it goes into the stage of rosacea.

A feature of phototherapy is the effect of IPL light on the skin. It destroys the increased accumulation of melatonin in cells and seals damaged capillaries. As a result, the light-reflecting properties of the skin are significantly improved.

After a course of phototherapy, many women refuse to use the foundation. This is a great procedure for older patients. After 60 years, methods that stimulate collagen synthesis are simply meaningless. Whereas procedures aimed at improving complexion can make you look much younger.

Botulinum Toxin Injections (BOTOX)

There has been much discussion about this procedure. They argued and tried to find an alternative to her, for example, in the form of taping or facial gymnastics. However, practice has shown that nothing else works the way botulinum toxin works. In fact, this procedure prevents the appearance of wrinkles in general and the transition of mimic wrinkles into static ones.

There is an opinion that young girls do not need it.  But if they have active facial expressions and don’t want the early appearance of static wrinkles, botulinum toxin injections are the best choice. The correct tactics of administering such drugs will reduce mimic activity, and over time, the frequency of such injections can be reduced. In the case of developed facial expressions, at first, it may be necessary to visit a beautician once every six months and then reduce the number of visits to one per year and a half.

PRP Therapy

This procedure is also called plasma therapy. This is an injection into the skin of the patient’s own plasma, processed in a special way. 

Blood plasma contains certain biologically active substances – platelets. It activates the work of fibroblasts, that are skin cells that synthesize collagen. Thus, it is possible to accelerate the renewal of the dermis at the cellular level in a natural way. Cosmetics manufacturers also offer creams and serums with fibroblast-stimulating ingredients, such as peptides. However, even with professional tools, they cannot work at such a depth as injection techniques. They will rejuvenate the epidermis but not the dermis itself.

PRP therapy is great for those who are allergic to ingredients in injectables to stimulate collagen synthesis and hydration. It is also a more budget option for rejuvenation and maintaining skin elasticity because the patient’s own material is used as an injection material.

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