7 Benefits of Renting a Tux for Your Next Event

Whether to rent or buy a suit or tuxedo is a personal decision. When it comes to formalwear, style is all about being unapologetically you.

Many online rental brands offer dress shirts, shoes, ties, and suspenders to help you complete your look. And with events like weddings, you can order your groomsmen’s attire at once using a tool home try-on program.

It’s Affordable

If you’re going to be a groomsman in several weddings or frequently attend black tie events, purchasing a tuxedo can get expensive. Renting, however, allows you to look your best without breaking the bank.

Plus, many tux rental companies provide an easy online booking process with organized fitting structures, free shipping, and a complete package that includes shirts, shoes, and accessories. That’s a win in our book. Plus, renting also allows you to try different styles without committing to any one type that you may not wear again.

It’s Convenient

If you wear a suit or tuxedo to multiple events over a year, renting may make more sense than buying. Especially if you’re planning to be the groomsman or ring bearer in a few weddings, it can get costly to buy tuxedos whenever something requires a black tie.

When considering event apparel options, tuxedo rental services offer a range of choices suitable for various occasions, ensuring that guests can select appropriate attire, including wedding attire for guests, allowing them to adhere to the desired dress code without the need for permanent purchase.

Most rental companies offer a convenient home try-on process and the option to customize the look of your tuxedo with options for shoes, accessories, and shirts. And most of them will provide you with a professional tailor for any needed adjustments like shortening shirt sleeves or pants.

It’s Versatile

Most rental shops offer a variety of men’s attire, including pants, vests, shirts, ties, shoes, and accessories. Some even provide home try-ons to ensure you get the right fit before depositing.

You can return a tux in-store or by mail (depending on the store’s policy) when you rent a tux. Attending final fittings a few days before your wedding is recommended to ensure your tuxedo fits well without damage.

If you plan on attending many formal events and want to look your best, renting a Tux is the way to go!

It’s Easy to Match

Whether you’ll be the groom in your best friend’s wedding or need a black tie outfit for an upcoming event, you can get everything you need to look your best from one place. Most rental services also offer shoes, ties, suspenders, and other accessories to help you complete your look.

And if you’re ordering for an entire wedding party, some offer a handy online tool to create your outfit and see how it will look together. Plus, the tuxes come right to your door.

It’s Comfortable

Unlike buying, renting allows you to experiment with styles without the risk of an investment. Most rental shops offer a home try-on option to simplify the process. And with a few adjustments, most people can find a comfortable fit.

Plus, every tuxedo rental comes with a prepaid return box. And if you’re hungover the day after your wedding, you don’t have to run around to get your rental back (which is always a good idea!). You can sleep it off and pick it up the next day.

It’s Easy to Maintain

Traditionally, the groomsmen had to travel back and forth to their local Men’s Wearhouse to get fitted for, receive, and return their tuxedos. This was inconvenient, especially if many groomsmen or the schedules were everywhere.

However, many tuxedo rental companies now offer all the formal accessories—such as shoes, cufflinks, studs, and cummerbund or vest—included in the price. This tremendous time-saving feature makes the entire process easier and more convenient for everyone involved.

It’s Convenient

Renting a tuxedo is convenient because you don’t have to worry about dry cleaning or storing it. Plus, you can always return it at the end of the rental period if you don’t need it again. Typically, tux rentals come with everything you need, including the jacket and pants, cummerbund or vest, shirt, tie, cufflinks, and studs.

Renting may be best if you only need a tuxedo for a few formal occasions yearly. However, if you need to wear a tuxedo more often than that, buying is the way to go.

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