A Guide on How to Store Your Diamond Jewelry

We usually take time to compare all our choices and put in careful thought before buying diamond jewelry. Even for a pair of diamond stud earrings, we like to weigh all the pros and cons and check for authenticity of the gemstone and precious metals, weight and clarity of the diamond, and much more. So, shouldn’t we put in as much care to store such jewelry in a way that ensures that they look as good as new for years to come?

Although diamonds are the hardest element on this planet, if not stored properly, they most definitely can get chipped and scratched. So, whether you have received jewelry as a gift, family heirloom, or bought it yourself, here’s a look at some easy ways to store them safely.

1. A Clean and Dry Box

Using a large box, which has compartments might be your way to go if you intend on keeping a lot of diamond earrings in your house. The compartments in the box help you keep them organized and in pairs. And in case this box gets full, you can always replace it with a bigger box or add another one. This will firstly, help you to know which compartment has what and it also assures you that no jewelry will be left unattended and therefore prone to getting damaged.

2. Linked Earrings

Snug-fitting boxes are available for stud earrings. But another thing you must pay close attention to is your stud earrings or those with clasps since keeping these together is sometimes a tough task. It is best if you link your hoops together and keep them in a box, because this way when you look for one, you will easily find the second one along with it. That will save you time and a lot of frustration.

Earrings with diamonds

3. Individual Boxes

Some jewelry, such as your delicate necklaces and dangler diamond earrings, might get entangled, chipped, or broken if stored with other jewelry. In order to prevent this from happening, store them in individual boxes or pouches. This will prevent pieces from rubbing against each other and causing scratches and abrasions too. If you buy diamond jewelry online from a trusted store like Jewelili, they will be delivered in high-quality boxes or pouches which are elegant enough for gifting and sturdy enough for long-term storage.

4. A Safe Spot

You have to protect your jewelry from getting lost, tarnished, wet, dusty, or crushed under unexpected circumstances. A jewelry box is definitely a must to help keep your jewelry organized but you need to make sure the place you store the box is the right space. Store the box in a dry, cool spot, away from prying eyes. This will also keep them safe from the temptation of covetous people. Also, direct sunlight can cause damage over time.

5. Insurance

Insurance is one of the most important steps while purchasing expensive items. Insuring them will just give you protection against theft, loss, or damage, such as due to a flood or fire. It is also advisable to not store jewelry under someone’s straight eyesight in case they get stolen.

6. Separate Your Jewelry

Diamonds are known for their strength. In many marriages, they are used to symbolize the strength of your bond. Always keep jewelry made of different materials in different boxes. Separate your silvers from your gold and diamonds from jewelry without any gemstones. Silver is a harder metal than gold and can cause scratches. Similarly, gemstones can lead to abrasions on silver and gold, due to repeated rubbing or pressure. Your diamond jewelry must never be stored in the same space as other pieces of jewelry for the same reason. In fact, diamonds sometimes harm other diamonds too, so it is best to get small, compartmented boxes to store each pair of your diamond earrings in a separate section.

7. Travel Cases

Storing your diamond jewelry at home is still less of a daunting task than while traveling with them. In case, you intend to wear your jewelry while on a trip, make sure to wrap them individually before putting them in the travel jewelry case. This way they will be easy to locate as well as less stay safe. An advisory note which is given is not to take off your wedding ring during airport security checks too, they might get stolen or lost, in case the security check container falls or even gets lost on the conveyor belt.

Lastly, always remember if you want to clean your diamond earrings or rings, don’t use harsh chemicals or wash over the sink. The number of wedding rings that have been lost in sink drains is astounding! Stay protected, store your jewelry securely and enjoy them for a long time to come.

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