Activities in Montego Bay, Jamaica for a Weekend Getaway

From stunning beaches and water activities to historical sites and natural attractions, learn some of the activities and places you can visit on a weekend getaway to Montego Bay in Jamaica.

Montego Bay is the main area in Jamaica for tourists, its diverse ecosystem makes it a unique option for a vacation. Also, it’s where you will most of the resorts and all inclusive hotels in Jamaica. Montego is home to amazing beaches and lush green forests packed with wildlife, learn all the amazing things and places to visit in Montego Bay

Stroll Around Montego Bay

One of the first things I always recommend doing is walking around the cities or towns you visit. That way you can get a good grasp of the local culture and everyday life. You don’t need to walk aimlessly, try vising some of the top attractions in the city like the Hip Strip, it’s where most of the tourism is concentrated.

Gloucester Avenue (Hip Street) is located just a few minutes from the airport, making it suitable to explore right away. You’ll be able to find restaurants and bars like Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records, a local dining and sports bar, or Starbucks.

Not only that, but it’s really close to Doctor Cave Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Montego Bay, you can also find an amusement park called Aquasol Theme Park.

Don’t forget to do some shopping, on this avenue, you’ll find a ton of local stores selling handcrafted ornaments or jewelry and t-shirts.

Hit the Beach

Obviously, a must-visit is Doctor Cave Beach, which is by far the most popular beach, and it has all the amenities you need. But don’t settle with that, since on Montego Bay you’ll find many other great beaches.

Your next stop should be Montego Bay Marine Park, it offers a ton of beaches you can check out. It’s a protected area packed with marine life, making it suitable for activities like scuba diving and snorkeling.

Another great choice to visit is Cornwall and Dead End Beach, both of them are on the Hip Strip, so they are really close to Doctor Cave. One of the main differences is Dead End is free, while for Cornwall you need a day pass. The water is crystal clear with a nice turquoise color and the sand is white, they offer all the amenities you need.

Visit Natural Landmarks

Like many other places, Jamaica is blessed with many natural landmarks, while some of the most amazing attractions are not directly located in Montego Bay, you can do a tour.

Beyond the beaches of the area, you’ll find places like Luminous Lagoon in Falmouth, which you can visit doing a tour. The biggest draw about this lagoon is how dark the water is and how shiny it gets thanks to the phosphorescent phytoplankton, creating an idyllic landscape.

Next, you can visit Rocklands Bird Sanctuary, it’s located outside Montego Bay, and is a stunning location in the Jungle where you can check out the local wildlife and even feed some birds.

On the other hand, if you feel more adventurous you can book a tour to The World Famous Dunn’s River Falls & Park, where you will find a ton of outdoor activities and a stunning terraced waterfall to climb, rivers to boat, and even a beach.

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