Angel’s Envy Cellar Collection Bourbons

The Angel’s Envy Cellar Collection Bourbons have garnered significant attention among whiskey enthusiasts and collectors alike. This limited edition series, consisting of three bottles finished in Oloroso sherry, tawny port, and Madeira casks, offers a unique tasting experience that showcases the distinct flavors derived from these fortified wine finishes.

With only 8,000 units available, the exclusivity of this collection is undeniable. The packaging, featuring an exclusive metallic design, further adds to the allure of these bourbons. Whether through a lottery, in-store purchase, or a visit to the ANGELS ENVY Distillery, whiskey connoisseurs have the opportunity to acquire these highly sought-after bottles.

The question remains: what makes these bourbons so exceptional that they captivate the attention of aficionados?

Limited Edition Fortified Wine-Finished Bourbons

The limited edition fortified wine-finished bourbons from the Angel’s Envy Cellar Collection series offer a unique and refined tasting experience that showcases the brand’s commitment to whiskey traditions and innovation.

These bourbons have undergone a meticulous aging process, where they have been finished in Oloroso Sherry Casks, Tawny Port Wine Barrels, and Madeira Casks. This wine influence adds depth and complexity to the bourbon, resulting in a rich and nuanced flavor profile.

The collectible value of these bourbons is heightened by their limited availability, with only 8,000 units released. The craftsmanship behind these whiskies is evident in their detailed descriptions of flavors and characteristics, allowing whiskey enthusiasts to fully appreciate the artistry that goes into each expression.

Experience the liberation of taste with the Angel’s Envy Cellar Collection bourbons.

Tasting Experience and Flavor Profiles

What makes the tasting experience of Angel’s Envy Cellar Collection bourbons truly exceptional? It is the combination of flavor comparisons, tasting notes, unique characteristics, and distinctive finishes that set these bourbons apart.

Each expression in the collection offers a unique tasting experience, allowing enthusiasts to explore and appreciate the nuances of the fortified wine finishes. The Oloroso Sherry Cask bourbon showcases rich notes of dried fruits and spice, while the Tawny Port Wine Barrel bourbon offers a luscious sweetness with hints of dark chocolate. Finally, the Madeira Cask bourbon delights with its complex layers of caramel and toasted nuts.

To fully appreciate the range of flavors, it is recommended to sip the expressions chronologically, starting with the Oloroso Sherry Cask and progressing through to the Madeira Cask. The distinct finishes of these bourbons leave a lasting impression, making the tasting experience truly exceptional.

Availability and Purchase Options

With limited quantities available, the Angel’s Envy Cellar Collection bourbons provide a unique and sought-after drinking experience. These highly coveted sets are now available for purchase, offering whiskey enthusiasts the opportunity to indulge in the exceptional flavors and craftsmanship of these fortified wine-finished bourbons.

The sets retail for a suggested price of $400 and can be purchased online or at the Angels Envy distillery. For those seeking a chance to secure a set, there is also a lottery entry option. Additionally, select retailers may have these exclusive sets in stock, providing alternative purchase options.

International shipping is available, allowing whiskey lovers from around the world to partake in the Angel’s Envy Cellar Collection experience.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to own and savor these exceptional bourbons.

In a world where rarity and exclusivity fuel the desires of whiskey connoisseurs, the Angel’s Envy Cellar Collection Bourbons stand as a testament to the artistry and innovation within the industry.

With their unique fortified wine finishes and limited availability, these highly sought-after bottles have become a treasure for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Through their exceptional craftsmanship, Angel’s Envy continues to push the boundaries of whiskey-making, leaving a lasting impression on the palates and imaginations of those fortunate enough to experience their creations.

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